Creating Experiences Worth Sharing with Ryan Vet

Creating Experiences Worth Sharing with Ryan Vet

I can't wait to introduce my latest special guest on the podcast, Ryan Vet. With his can-do attitude and positive vibes, he’s the perfect person to discuss how to create experiences for your patients that they will want to share.

Ryan Vet is an international speaker, author, entrepreneur and investor. But you may know Ryan from his writings in Forbes or Dental Economics or at speaking at a dental meeting near you. He has devoted his life to inspiring others towards making a positive change. And, a fun fact many people don’t know about Ryan is that he’s a trained sommelier.

Ryan explains how for most patients, a visit to the dentist is a neutral experience. Something that they've done time and time again that has become a normal part of their lives. But, what if you could make a visit to your practice an outstanding experience they won't forget? A moment in their lives that they can't help but share with others. It's not as hard as you might think!


Creating Experiences Worth Sharing with Ryan Vet


On the podcast we discussed:

  • Ryan’s professional background and how he became an entrepreneur
  • How start creating experiences worth sharing
  • Taking ordinary opportunities and transforming them into extraordinary experiences
  • Why you should walk in the shoes of your patients
  • How to create your own business identity
  • The importance of cultivating culture


Creating Experiences Worth Sharing with Ryan Vet


If you just can’t get enough of Ryan, then he’s got a book coming out in November 2019 called Cracking the Millennial Code where he shares how to motivate and manage millennials.

Also, you can find him on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Watch a short trailer for this episode where Ryan is talking about creating an unforgettable experience at your practice, below:


Creating The Ultimate Patient Experience with Dr. David Moffet

I am super thrilled to have my friend Dr. David Moffet as a guest on the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast. This episode is all about Delivering WOW and Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience.  In this episode, we discuss the role of company culture, and how it contributes to an amazing customer experience.  David shares tips of how he helped one of his coaching clients increase their revenue by 1 million dollars as well as the optimum way to block schedule to decrease stress and increase productivity and profitability.

Dr. David Moffet BDS FPFA is a Dentist from Sydney Australia and the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller “How to Build the Dental Practice of Your Dreams (without killing yourself) in Less than Sixty Days! He is the inventor of The Ultimate Patient Experience, a simple to implement patient retention system he used to build and subsequently sell (for several million dollars) his very successful Dental Office located in working class western Sydney. Dr. Moffet now spends his time writing and lecturing, as well as and coaching private Dental clients (in USA, Great Britain and Australia and New Zealand), on how to improve their Dental Practices by focusing on customer service and patient retention.


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