Here’s How to use Checklists to Receive Massive Results

Have you ever come back from an educational conference fired up and excited, but had the enthusiasm fade in just a matter of weeks?  Unfortunately, this is all too common. Perhaps it's because we feel that we will get resistance from our team.  Perhaps, it's that we feel that we don't have the time to implement. Perhaps we simply don't know how.

The only way to get massive results is to take action!  This means writing down what you want to do, and creating a deadline of when it must happen.

I would recommend keeping a notebook or a note file on your smartphone to keep track of all of the things that you would like to do to grow your business.  This list can include action items to implement new systems, to develop your brand, or to make your business more profitable.  

Every quarter, take one day to plan, and choose 5-12 goals in each area to focus on. Then break them down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals.  The next step is to decide who will be responsible for the implementation of the goals.  Most times, this will NOT be the business owner.  One of the major roles of the office manager in my business is to oversee this checklist, and to ensure that all action items are delegated to the appropriate team member. The office manager and team member collaborate, with my input if needed, to get the job done. Also, involving the team builds value as they become vested in making the business grow.

Some early action items that I implemented were to create manuals for all positions, create a minimum quantity list to manage inventory and supplies, and to create written scripts for how we would answer the telephone, patient emails, and Facebook questions.  

A few other great systems to put into your plan are to:

  1. Implement a Weekly Lunch and Learn
  2. Create Name Tags for theTeam
  3. Create a Photo Shoot for Professional Photos for Your Website and Marketing Campaigns
  4. Gather Patient Testimonials
  5. Update Your Website
  6. Create a Coffee Table Culture Book
  7. Create Strategic Alliances
  8. Decrease Supply and Lab Expenses
  9. Determine Fixed Expenses Per Hour
  10. Determine Cost of Supplies and External Expenses (such as lab), for each service that you provide
  11. Know your Break Even Point
  12. Create a Monthly Marketing Plan that is Budget Driven

I challenge you to take action.  For it's through action that you will receive Massive Results!