3 Skills to Help Every Team Member Develop

Often, leaders fall into the trap of hiring people and expecting them to have all the skills needed to perform their tasks well. While that is ideal, it is almost never the case. Even the most highly qualified and experienced applicant will be missing some traits and skills needed for your practice. They have been trained by another practice to do things the way that practice does it.

With Delivering WOW, your practice will be different than most other practices. It will be run differently. It will be more focused. And when everyone is on the same page, it will be smoother and easier to run. Here are three skills to help every team member develop if you want to ensure your entire team can help your practice achieve your practice vision.

The Ability to Create and Harness Value


3 Skills to Help Every Team Member Develop


One of the best skills a team member can have is the ability to understand what actions would add value to your practice. That skill helps team members provide direction, confidence, and creativity. It helps them understand their unique talents and strengths. It helps them identify areas for improvement and gives them the confidence to ask for help when needed, for the greater good of your practice. And when they need help, the ability to identify, create, and harness value lets them know where to look to get the help they need.

As practice leaders, we can help team members create and harness value by talking openly about practice goals and individual strengths and areas for improvement. That allows us to build a team of leaders who can elevate our practices to new heights. They will do so by having the confidence to get help when needed and consistently improve the way your practice is run.

The Ability to Take Initiative to Solve Problems


3 Skills to Help Every Team Member Develop


Team members create an environment of excuses, not initiative, if they constantly say, “It’s not my place,” “I don’t want to step on anyone's toes,” or “It’s someone else’s responsibility,” when something goes wrong. We must promote the idea that taking initiative to find solutions to practice problems is part of everyone’s job responsibilities.

Your staff should be looking for ways to take initiative to solve problems in your practice. When problems arise, the best team members identify, discuss, and solve them as efficiently as possible; they don’t pass the buck to someone else or ignore the problem, hoping it will go away on its own. The best team members take action to solve problems as soon as possible.

Encourage team members to execute solutions that are well-reasoned without having to go to you beforehand. Give them the freedom to try new things, and accept that not everything will work out. Being proactive means stepping out, taking a risk, and trying something.

The Ability to Maintain Focus on Achieving Results


3 Skills to Help Every Team Member Develop


In my Inner Circle Dental Mastermind, we teach leaders and team members to ask themselves what tasks look like when they are done and done well. When leaders train team members to ask themselves that question, it helps them focus on results without sacrificing the practice culture. It helps them work “smarter, not harder,” which maximizes results achieved within set time periods.

This will give them a really solid point of reference for any upcoming similar projects. They won’t be left scratching their heads, wondering if they’re doing something right and constantly having to check in with a leader for approval. From that explanation of a “good” outcome, they can reverse engineer success.

Giving Employees the Skills Needed to Succeed Together

Training and developing a team that performs consistently well and heads in the same direction can be the best investment you make in your practice. It is the only way to be able to delegate with confidence. It is the only way to make sure everyone is working both smart and hard. These three skills will position team members to do exactly that. 


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