How To Create a Great Dental Website with Jeff Gladnick

Jeff Gladnick is the Founder and President of Great Dental Websites (GDW), a dental focused local marketing company. Jeff started GDW in 2007 to help his father and other relatives (he has 7 dentists in his family) create effective dental websites for their practices. He created a publishing platform to enable Dentists to successfully market themselves to potential patients in their service area. GDW has since evolved into a full-service online marketing agency which has worked with over 400 clients in 3 countries.

Jeff has over 15 years in marketing & software engineering, particularly in the development of content management systems and publishing systems. Prior to founding GDW, Jeff worked on projects for companies such as Adobe, The Gap, D&B, and Taylor Farms, and others.
Jeff has a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Rowan University, holds a US patent (US20040000529), and resides in Denver, CO with his wife and 2 children.

The number one reason to have a website is to attract new patients. A website should also serve as a resource for current patients as to refer people to your practice.  One of the most important steps in building a great website is to know your ideal audience. This allows you to better serve them. What’s most important is sharing yourself, your personality. Share your culture on your website, share your practice’s story through your website. Share before and after pictures. That’s what people connect with.

When creating your website, decide what type of practice you want to be and present that on your website as well as on social media.

To get your social media right you have to get your website right.  Cookie cutter websites don’t cut it. It’s also very important to keep a consistent branding on your website, on social, and in your practice.

Here’s What Makes a Great Dental Website:

·      A Customized design that is unique to the practice

·      Posts that allow site visitors to emotionally connect with your practice

·      The website should be responsive for mobile

·      It should have a quick button for people to contact you

·      It should have unique content and copywriting

·      It should share the office philosophy

·      It should provide value

·      It should have video integration

·      It should have your before and after pictures

·      It should never have duplicate content from other websites

·      It should have a map and directions


Here are a Few More Tips to Use in Your Website Design:

·      Great introduction copy

·      Create a call to action

·      Place your phone number on the top right

·      Use horizontal navigation

·      Use legible font

·      Never have a black background with white text

·      Use unique pictures of you practice

·      Feature your services

·      Have a commonly asked questions section

·      Have a contact form on every internal page


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