How to Increase Case Acceptance and Production While Decreasing Office Stress with Dr. Bryan Laskin


A University of Minnesota Dental School graduate, Dr. Bryan Laskin operates a successful 7 dentist private practice in Wayzata, Minnesota. In a very short time, Dr. Laskin has discovered the secret to success to getting your treatment plans accepted is better communication.

Dr. Laskin knows the importance of systems and runs his practice on systems. His team is all aligned have created a very creative approach to getting more cases accepted.

Dr. Laskin shares time-saving strategies and well as strategies to increase production. He also shares strategies to build the right team, as well as the importance of the dentist being a strong leader.

Dr. Laskin also discusses the importance of putting in KPI's to increase productivity as well as modern day communication tools which can be used inside of the office to increase communication between the providers and the team as well as HIPPA secured email and texting platforms to communicate with patients and specialists.

Tired of expensive and outdated lightboxes and ineffective and annoying headsets (note – yelling down the hall was never even considered an option), Dr. Laskin created a cloud-based communication software which could be used from devices he already had in his practice. Once PAGER was born, his office production increased 37%; an increase he credits to his patented customizable checklist messaging, one-touch paging, and his bonus system (more on that here).

Dr. Laskin then recognized the improvements internal communication had on Lake Minnetonka Dental’s quality of care and increased production could be applied to any dental practices external communication with his patients,referring docs and labs. When RECARE and CHORUS were launched, OperaDDS became dentistry’s complete communication solution, and its simplicity and affordability have lead to an explosive community of securely communicating professionals.

Offering HIPAA-compliant email and case collaboration, simple patient recall and an intra-office messaging which delivers the information you actually need, OperaDDS has proven to be the most progressive and most compliant communication software, while remaining the most intuitive and most affordable.

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