Aftercare Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O’Donnell

After Care Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O'Donnell

I’m delighted to introduce Dr. Anne O’Donnell to the podcast and talk all about how dental practices can use aftercare chatbots to connect with patients and offer ‘Care beyond the Chair.’

Anne is a dentist based in Ireland and has been in practice for ‘more years than she cares to remember.’ She has had her own dental practices and sold a small corporate in 2018. She then became the groups Clinical Director. In 2013, she bought a failing practice and completely turned it around. It is now a multi-disciplinary general and specialist practice with a tenfold increase by 2018.

Anne is passionate about dentistry, her team, and her patients. She and her team have even developed a patient aftercare messaging service using Facebook Chatbots called “Care beyond the Chair.


After Care Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O'Donnell


On the podcast we discussed…

  • How ‘Care beyond the Chair’ works and how it helps make patients feel appreciated
  • Why chatbots have a higher open rate than email
  • Recommending dental hygiene products using chatbots
  • Tips for scheduling automated chatbot messages
  • How personalized messaging can help dental practices connect with their patients
  • How to get patients to opt-in to receive chatbot aftercare messages
  • The process of setting up ‘Care beyond the Chair’ in your practice


After Care Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O'Donnell


If you’d like to get in touch with Anne and find out more about how you can introduce her aftercare chatbot service in your practice, you can email her at or reach out to for more information.

Here is a short video trailer of the podcast episode where Anne explains how to use aftercare chatbots to connect with patients: