3 Signs Your Team Members Have Become Leaders

Running a practice can take a large amount of work and create a lot of stress when you can’t rely on your team members to perform on their own. There’s always something to do, so when you feel like you are the only person who can do things well, you will never experience true freedom.

When we train our team members to become true leaders, a lot of the burdens on practice leaders disappear. That is why so many practices are investing in coaching or training for their team members—such as the team of expert coaches, training, and resources we offer in our signature Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program.

Here are three signs that your investment in your team members is building them into true leaders.

1. Your team members are communicating clearly with each other.


3 Signs Your Team Members Have Become Leaders


Leaders know the way to evaluate effective communication is through the responses they get. If the responses match expectations, the communication was clear. If the response is not what you intended, chances are you were not clear in your communication.

A good leader knows this and does not get frustrated when people do not respond the right way—especially when more than one person misinterprets the leader’s words. Instead, they seek to communicate more clearly.

If your team is communicating clearly with each other and consistently working on improving communication, chances are your team members are becoming true leaders.

2. Your team members control their emotions and do not take things personally.


3 Signs Your Team Members Have Become Leaders


Leaders know how to control their own emotions and not take constructive criticism personally. Dental practices can be emotional places. Many patients are anxious at dental practices. Additionally, patients can easily become confused about out-of-pocket costs for procedures, especially with insurance practices. When emotions get high, leaders remain calm.

Leaders are also able to manage their own emotions. They recognize when they begin to get frustrated. They take a walk, breathe, pause, and do whatever else they need to stay in control. Leaders manage their emotions for the good of the practice.

3. Your team members overcome adversity to complete difficult tasks.


3 Signs Your Team Members Have Become Leaders


One of the telltale signs of a true leader is their ability to overcome adversity. It takes humility, the willingness to make mistakes, and the tenacity to push through challenges to become successful. Only developed leaders will truly have this ability.

When times get tough, leaders dig in and push forward. When something doesn’t go well, they learn from mistakes and try again. This trait does not always come naturally, but it will come out as team members grow into leaders.

Are your team members developing into leaders?

These three traits are common signs that your team members are developing into leaders. When you build a team of leaders, everyone wins. Negativity will go down. Team members will identify and improve systems and processes. They will delegate to each other and step up to support each other when needed. Best of all, they will take much of the work—and stress—of running a dental practice off the doctor’s shoulders.

If you ever want to build a practice that gives you true time and financial freedom, it is critical that you get out of the “I’ll just do it myself” mindset and invest in building a team of leaders to support you.

Having leaders on our team can make our jobs as owners so much easier and can build the strength of the entire team. A good leader lifts everyone with them and guides the team forward to a brighter future. Use these signs to evaluate your current staff members and maybe even to evaluate yourself. You may be surprised by what you find.

If you want help developing leaders within your team, our team of expert coaches, training, and resources we offer in our signature Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program can help. Not only will we share tools, trainings, and resources, but we can also train your team members directly and hold them accountable.

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3 Skills to Help Every Team Member Develop

Often, leaders fall into the trap of hiring people and expecting them to have all the skills needed to perform their tasks well. While that is ideal, it is almost never the case. Even the most highly qualified and experienced applicant will be missing some traits and skills needed for your practice. They have been trained by another practice to do things the way that practice does it.

With Delivering WOW, your practice will be different than most other practices. It will be run differently. It will be more focused. And when everyone is on the same page, it will be smoother and easier to run. Here are three skills to help every team member develop if you want to ensure your entire team can help your practice achieve your practice vision.

The Ability to Create and Harness Value


3 Skills to Help Every Team Member Develop


One of the best skills a team member can have is the ability to understand what actions would add value to your practice. That skill helps team members provide direction, confidence, and creativity. It helps them understand their unique talents and strengths. It helps them identify areas for improvement and gives them the confidence to ask for help when needed, for the greater good of your practice. And when they need help, the ability to identify, create, and harness value lets them know where to look to get the help they need.

As practice leaders, we can help team members create and harness value by talking openly about practice goals and individual strengths and areas for improvement. That allows us to build a team of leaders who can elevate our practices to new heights. They will do so by having the confidence to get help when needed and consistently improve the way your practice is run.

The Ability to Take Initiative to Solve Problems


3 Skills to Help Every Team Member Develop


Team members create an environment of excuses, not initiative, if they constantly say, “It’s not my place,” “I don’t want to step on anyone's toes,” or “It’s someone else’s responsibility,” when something goes wrong. We must promote the idea that taking initiative to find solutions to practice problems is part of everyone’s job responsibilities.

Your staff should be looking for ways to take initiative to solve problems in your practice. When problems arise, the best team members identify, discuss, and solve them as efficiently as possible; they don’t pass the buck to someone else or ignore the problem, hoping it will go away on its own. The best team members take action to solve problems as soon as possible.

Encourage team members to execute solutions that are well-reasoned without having to go to you beforehand. Give them the freedom to try new things, and accept that not everything will work out. Being proactive means stepping out, taking a risk, and trying something.

The Ability to Maintain Focus on Achieving Results


3 Skills to Help Every Team Member Develop


In my Inner Circle Dental Mastermind, we teach leaders and team members to ask themselves what tasks look like when they are done and done well. When leaders train team members to ask themselves that question, it helps them focus on results without sacrificing the practice culture. It helps them work “smarter, not harder,” which maximizes results achieved within set time periods.

This will give them a really solid point of reference for any upcoming similar projects. They won’t be left scratching their heads, wondering if they’re doing something right and constantly having to check in with a leader for approval. From that explanation of a “good” outcome, they can reverse engineer success.

Giving Employees the Skills Needed to Succeed Together

Training and developing a team that performs consistently well and heads in the same direction can be the best investment you make in your practice. It is the only way to be able to delegate with confidence. It is the only way to make sure everyone is working both smart and hard. These three skills will position team members to do exactly that. 


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