3 Things You Need to Scale a Dental Practice

In my Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program, we help dental practice owners and team members become highly efficient and productive. When practices become efficient and productive while delivering amazing experiences to patients, the sky’s the limit on how much they can scale.

While the dream is to have a high-producing practice, it’s often a challenge for dentists to make their practice highly productive while maintaining a culture that makes team members and patients excited to come to your office.

In order for a practice to be highly productive, it starts at the top. And all it takes is for leaders to implement three things into their practice. These three things lay the groundwork for productivity and efficiency in a way that delivers WOW experiences to team members and patients.



3 Things You Need to Scale a Dental Practice


Leaders must establish a vision for their dental practice that lets everyone in your practice know where you want to go. What do you want your practice to look like in the future? What do you want the office experience to be for your patients? And what does an ideal team member look like for that practice? Include key team members in the process as well so you can get even more buy-in from them. Be sure to write down your vision and revisit it from time to time. Once it’s clear, share it with all team members.

Once you have your vision, filter all decisions through that vision. All you need to do is ask yourself, “Will this lead the practice closer to my vision?” and, if not, you know not to invest time or money into that project. If the answer is yes, you can move forward with confidence that the project is a good investment.

When hiring, ask yourself, “Does this person seem to align with my vision for the practice?” If not, keep looking. If current team members don’t align with your vision, help them find a new position that’s a better fit. Everyone on your team needs to be on board with your vision to achieve your true potential.



3 Things You Need to Scale a Dental Practice


Once you have your vision, identify key performance indicators, or KPIs, that help you understand whether you’re on track to reach your goals. Your KPIs give you the data you need to make better decisions about what’s working and what’s not, so you can adjust your investments of time or money.

This data helps you to take the pulse of your practice. It helps you to identify issues while they’re small. If someone isn’t performing, reviewing KPIs relating to their productivity makes it impossible for them to skate by without anyone noticing. Data never lies.

Systems and Processes


3 Things You Need to Scale a Dental Practice


Once you know where you want to go and what data will let you know whether you’re on track, you will have all the information you need to put in place systems and processes to make high-performance simple.

Get yourself on your way to achieving your goals by putting the right processes in place. Systemize your practice by identifying the processes that help you grow your practice and that make your practice highly productive.

For example, if you set a goal for how many dental implants you want to place, develop a system for dental implant marketing that generates a consistent flow of enough implant marketing leads to make hitting your productivity goal a breeze. Document the process you use to market your implant practice and assign a team member or outsource the marketing efforts so you know the tasks will be performed.

Possessing written systems and processes and delegating or outsourcing them to be performed ensures tasks are performed consistently. It also puts the person you delegate or outsource a task to in a position to succeed every time because they know exactly what you need them to do.

Are you ready to scale your practice?

If you’ve struggled to scale your practice, having a written vision, sufficient data, and systems and processes in place to make productivity simple sets you up for massive growth.

If you want help establishing a vision, identifying which KPIs matter in your office, or putting in place the right systems and processes, join the Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program where you can access top training and get coaching for yourself and your team members from our roster of experts in all facets of running a practice!

How To Create Systems That Work With Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel

How To Create Systems That Work With Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel - Delivering Wow Podcast

This week on the Delivering WOW podcast I spoke to Dr. Evelyn Samuel.

Dr. Samuel became a Dental Practice and Small Business Efficiency coach by chance. After achieving her life-time goal of becoming a Dentist, she set out to provide excellence within her chosen field. She had a unique experience after her residency. She worked in many different types of practices as a contractor and saw first-hand that although many of the owner dentists were excellent clinicians, they didn't have systems in place to run their businesses effectively. In fact, she continued to see the trend of dentists who were hands-off with their businesses, many times hearing them say, “I just want to do dentistry.”

How To Create Systems That Work With Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel - Delivering Wow

When Dr. Samuel opened her first dental practice from scratch, she discovered she had a gift for running the business and even hired business coaches before opening her doors and ‘hanging her shingle.' She and her team continuously read books on and took courses to enhancing the experience of her practice's customers/patients.

Years later after helping many colleagues set up/run their practices and publishing a book, ‘100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry: A professional's guide to efficiency profitability and sanity!‘ with practical vignettes of how to run an effective business, Dr. Samuel established her Efficiency Coaching Firm.

How To Create Systems That Work With Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel - Delivering Wow
On the podcast we discussed:

  • Evelyn’s journey to where she is today
  • How she gained unique experience working in many different practices before setting up in private practice, and how she realized many practices lacked systems
  • The lack of education in dental schools on being a CEO and a business owner
  • How important it is to know everything about your practice – you shouldn’t do everything but you should know about it
  • The most important systems that dentists need to focus on first
  • How effective it can be to role play out systems with your team
  • How to get your team on-board with systems
  • How to get started with developing systems
  • Evelyn’s new course – How to Start a Practice From Scratch
  • Getting started with opening a dental practice and why you should work out what your life goals are and ensure your practice aligns with them
  • Techniques for achieving our goals and the importance of learning about business and having a coach
  • What efficiency means to Evelyn

Evelyn can be contacted at info@drevelynteaguesamuel.com and you can head to efficiencyinstitute.com to find information about her ‘How to Start a Practice From Scratch' course and virtual workshops.

Here's a trailer of the podcast episode: