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The Secret to Getting Big Results for Your Practice

I've helped a lot of practices become more fulfilling and profitable practices. Throughout that time, I've helped some practices make big transformations in a short period of time. I've also watched some practices struggle for long periods of time.

To some people's surprise, the difference between practices that succeed and those that struggle has nothing to do with ability. Having proven systems and strategies helps. The practices that have used the proven systems and strategies we teach get the benefit of years of experience from practices around the world. They get the benefit of learning from other people's mistakes—and successes. It's much easier to make progress when you know the systems and strategies have worked for others. But I've never met a practice leader who couldn't improve their practice. Every practice leader I've met has had the ability to lead incredible change to make their practice more fulfilling and profitable.

So why do some practices succeed while others struggle? Oftentimes, the answer is simple: The practices that struggle either do nothing or try to do too much at once. The practices that succeed do so begin by learning and taking action in small bits. Here are three reasons why learning and taking action in small bits has been the secret to success for so many practices.

Learning and Taking Action in Small Bits Gets Easier Buy-In


The Secret to Getting Big Results for Your Practice


It's no secret that running a dental practice takes a lot of work—even more work than most businesses. With many businesses, owners spend all day managing the organization. Practice owners need to do all that work and often still treat patients.

It's not just practice owners who have so much on their plates. Team members have a lot of work, too. This is especially true for PPO practice team members, who must navigate insurance relationships and manage patient expectations regarding out-of-pocket costs.

With so many pressures on our time and energy, asking practice leaders and team members to implement big changes at once can be overwhelming. Asking them to learn one or two small changes for a short period of time makes it much easier to get team members on board. This is one of the reasons our 21-Day Marketing and Practice Growth Challenges have been so popular with practices. The idea of doing small daily challenges for three short weeks is a much smaller ask and something most people feel they can do.

Making Changes in Small Bits Helps Clarify Action Steps


The Secret to Getting Big Results for Your Practice


If your only goal is a long-term one, it can be hard to know what to do in the short term. Longer-term goals tend to be bigger and have multiple moving parts. With those, it's hard to know what to do next. Continuing with the goal of increasing revenue, you could advertise, take CE to start performing more higher-fee procedures, network with local business owners, and more. Your options are endless.

But what if you decided to increase revenue over the next twenty-one days? That shorter-term goal limits the number of things you can do. And that forces you to be more strategic. If you wanted to double your revenue this month over last month, what could you do? You could call patients with unscheduled treatment plans and get them scheduled. And you can set up a whiteboard to get your team all on the same page for increasing productivity.

Small Changes Add up to Big Results


The Secret to Getting Big Results for Your Practice


With your whole team bought in and working together, you will begin to see improvements right away. Those improvements will add up to big positive changes in your practice.

Nobody runs a marathon 26.2 miles at a time. They run it one step at a time. Eventually, those steps add up into miles and those miles turn into a marathon.

The same is true with changes in your practice. You can't double your annual revenue in one day. But you can increase productivity in a day. And you can increase it even more the next day, and the next, and so on. Over time, those little increases add up. If you want to get big results, start by taking small steps and making small changes.

Are you ready to make big improvements in your practice?

If so, start small. But start! If you want help, consider signing up for my next 21-Day Marketing and Practice Growth Challenge. We'll help you and your team get started taking small steps toward big improvements in just twenty-one days just like we've done with nearly 200 practices.

In just twenty-one days, they built relationships with other businesses in their community. They also broke through fears of video to connect with new and existing patients. They launched successful marketing campaigns and planned out marketing campaigns for the next year! And they created tremendous buy-in from their teams.

You can also sign up for the Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind to get step-by-step guidance and coaching in all aspects of running a high-profit practice.

Proven Process for New Office Buildouts with Steve O’Leary

Proven Process for New Office Buildouts with Steve O'Leary

I’m thrilled to welcome Steve O’Leary, the Project Consultant at APEX Design Build, onto the show to talk about the best processes for designing and building your ideal dental practice.

Steve is a natural born leader and dedicated to delivering high levels of customer satisfaction with help from his positive outlook on life and great listening skills. He has worked at APEX Design Build for almost three years and is super passionate about the company and what they stand for.

Apex Design Build is a fully integrated design, architecture, and construction firm that specializes in creating state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. Their motto is as enduring as it is simple: Your practice made perfect.


Proven Process for New Office Buildouts with Steve O'Leary


On the podcast we discussed…

  • Everything you need to know about APEX Design Build Vs. Design Bid Build and what each involves
  • The importance of having a high level of communication during the new buildout process
  • Questions you should ask before hiring a team to help you build a new practice
  • The impact that a well-designed dental practice can have on your patients
  • What to expect when you hire a firm like APEX Design Build
  • How long a typical build project tastes at each phase
  • An estimated ballpark figure of building a typical dental practice
  • Taking the first steps towards designing and building your own practice


Proven Process for New Office Buildouts with Steve O'Leary


If you’d like to learn more about APEX Design Build and how they can help design the dental space of your dreams, go to: apexdesignbuild.net/the-apex-continuum/

To watch a video trailer where Steve talks about the process of designing and building your own dental practice, hit play below!


Getting to Profits with Justin Krane

Getting to Profits with Justin Krane

I’m delighted to introduce my special guest, Justin Krane, onto the show to discuss how you can achieve complete financial and personal freedom.

Justin is a money strategist for business owners. His mission is to help business owners understand the money side of their business. He teaches entrepreneurs how to be strategic with their finances so that they can grow their businesses.

But, Justin isn’t about cutting back and living a frugal life. Justin is all about getting out there, buying the shoes, eating that sushi dinner, and living the BEST life you can – while saving for the future!


Getting to Profits with Justin Krane


On the podcast we discussed…

  • Justin’s story as a financial advisor and the journey that led him to restart his financial life and empower others to achieve financial freedom
  • The importance of clarity as a small business owner and how to attain it
  • How to make sure you’re not just making sales, but you’re also making a profit
  • Understanding cash-flow and tracking how much money you have in the bank and your incoming and outgoing cash
  • Why you should consider doing a “cash-flow forecast” on a monthly or weekly basis
  • Planning for taxes with help from your CPA
  • Why you should invest 10% of your Gross Profits towards marketing your business
  • Determining your personal salary and why it should be somewhere between 30% to 50% of your business’ profits
  • Justin’s top tips for growing your small business
  • How to decide if a financial investment is worth the risk
  • The benefits of automating money to and from your business/personal account
  • Much more!


Getting to Profits with Justin Krane


If you’d like to find out more about Justin Krane and how he can help you to be more strategic with your business finances, visit kranefinancialsolutions.com or get in touch with him via his Facebook page.

To watch a short video trailer of the episode where Justin is talking about managing your business finances and achieving financial freedom, hit play below:

How to Improve Consistency in Your Practice

If there’s one thing that controls the direction of your dental practice, it’s consistency. If you and your team do consistently well, you’ll build an amazing practice. If you do consistently poor or are inconsistent, you’ll never reach your practice’s full potential.

Building more positive consistency into your practice doesn’t need to be difficult either. In fact, it can make life easier for you and your team while improving your results. Here are two ways to improve consistency in your practice.

Get your team to take responsibility for practice tasks.


How to Improve Consistency in Your Practice


Accountability is one of the best-kept secrets of the most successful people in business and life. Think about how many people set New Year’s resolutions each year only to give up after a month, week, or even a day.

While sometimes the problem with New Years’ resolutions is that people set a goal without a plan, oftentimes, the real problem is a lack of accountability. Say you want to lose weight. You might set a New Year’s resolution to lose 30 pounds next year. Even without a complicated plan, most people know they’re likely going to have to eat better and get more exercise to achieve their goal. In other words, most people who want to lose weight have some vision of a plan.

The reason most weight loss resolutions fail, however, is people lack accountability. They have nobody encouraging them to follow through with their goal. They have nobody supporting them in eating better or exercising more. In fact, the support communities that usually come with organized programs are often the main reason many people have at least short-term success with organized diets. There’s no one perfect diet. There are a bunch of diets that help people lose weight. When people sign up and get held accountable through support networks, they lose weight.

The same is true for your dental practice. One of my favorite productivity tools we use in my practice is a simple whiteboard. We use it to write goals for procedures and hold each other accountable for completing the tasks that allow us to hit our goals. This is important. If we want to place 50 implants one month, we don’t just recommend implants to people. We market to attract implant patients. We follow up with patients who have talked with us about implants. We check in with patients who we think may be interested and invite them in for a consultation.

The act of using a whiteboard this way and checking in with our team to see where we are throughout the month helps hold us accountable and keeps our goals top of mind.

We don’t just list various goals for procedures, new patients, and the like. We also ask each team member to hold everyone accountable for one or two of our goals. We then write who is responsible for each goal next to it on the whiteboard so everyone knows.

For example, one team member might be in charge of holding us accountable for crowns goals. That person would do things such as follow up on crown marketing funnels and marketing. They would remind doctors and hygienists when they’re scheduled to see patients who may need a crown. They would also make follow-up phone calls with potential implant patients.

Having each person take primary responsibility for one or two goals does two things. First, it makes sure no task or goal gets overlooked. It’s sometimes easy for five people to each assume one of the other people is performing a task only to realize nobody was. Second, it spreads out work and allows each person to focus on one or two tasks. Together, this helps you ensure each goal for your practice is being consistently pushed forward.

Give your team a safe place to address patient issues.


How to Improve Consistency in Your Practice


Another important part of your practice where consistency matters is the way you deliver WOW experiences to your patients. For example, in my practice, we offer headphones and iPads to patients to take away the sounds of our tools. This helps ease people’s anxiety along with some of the other things we do to create a spa-like atmosphere. It’s one of the things that makes us different.

If we don’t consistently provide headphones and iPads, or gourmet coffees and teas, or warm towels, or any of the other things that help us deliver WOW experiences, we’re not us.

One morning, a patient mentioned that they weren’t offered headphones. I didn’t know why they weren’t offered headphones. Maybe the batteries were dead. Maybe a pair or two was broken and we needed to order more. All I knew was a patient wasn’t offered headphones.

With everything going on in a practice, it’s easy for issues like these to be forgotten. But we use our whiteboard to get to the bottom of all these issues while they’re still minor.

Right next to our list of practice goals, we have a box that says “issues.” Whenever an issue comes up, someone writes the issue down to make sure it gets addressed.

We don’t make a big issue out of things, and my team understands that. Our issues section on our whiteboard just acts as a safe place to list things for us to get to the bottom of the next day in our morning huddle. That ensures we address things quickly, get back on track, and move forward together. We all have little things that happen in our practices. If we can address those things in real time, it helps prevent little things from becoming bad habits. And that prevents bad habits from becoming inconsistencies in the experiences our patients receive when they come in.

How do you maintain consistency in your practice?


How to Improve Consistency in Your Practice


If you aren’t using a whiteboard for practice goals, consistency, and accountability, you could be making life much more difficult for you and your team. You could also be making patient experiences subpar or inconsistent. A simple whiteboard could be all you need to make things run much smoother!


If you want step-by-step guidance on how to implement whiteboards in your practice, your next step is to learn more about our Marketing & Practice Growth Challenge. Hundreds of practices have gone through this challenge and experienced renewed purpose and energy in their work, clear tracking of their goals, AND growth in their production and revenue! Save your spot in our upcoming Marketing and Practice Growth Challenge here — use the code CHALLENGE for a 20% discount at checkout!

For more support, check out the team of expert coaches, training, and resources we offer in our signature Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program.

7 Strategies for Growing Your Dental Practice

7 Strategies for Growing Your Dental Practice

One of the most satisfying parts of working with dentists is helping them grow. Dentists often come to me overworked, stressed, and overwhelmed. They work too many hours for too little money and feel stuck.

The idea of growing a dental practice when you’re stuck in that situation might seem crazy. But there’s hope. The Delivering WOW process can help you turn chaos into focus and direction. It can get you excited about practice growth, sometimes for the first time ever.

Once dentists get excited about the direction of their practice, they often shift to thinking about dental marketing strategies, such as Facebook for dentists and dental marketing funnels.

Dental marketing using Facebook and funnels can help you attract new patients on autopilot. It’s one of three key parts of building a WOW practice that helps you take control of your future.

Growth involves more than only marketing, however. You also need to have systems, processes, and support to take your business to the next level.

Here are seven strategies you can use to grow your dental practice.

1. Improving Case Presentation

Growing your dental practice can be measured in many ways but ultimately boils down to profits. One of the best ways to boost profits while helping patients get the care they need is to improve case-acceptance percentages. Many times, patients don’t accept treatment plans because of ineffective case presentation. Improve your case presentation, and you’ll dramatically increase your revenue.

2. Decreasing Supply Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

Many dentists unwittingly overspend on supplies. Saving lots of money on quality supplies has never been easier. All that savings can go straight to profit growth.

3. Understanding Insurance and Alternative-Payment Relationships

Navigating the insurance marketplace is an important part of effective practice growth. Dentists can grow by choosing their insurance relationships wisely. Helping patients understand insurance coverage and find other ways to afford care can have an immediate positive impact on your profits.

4. Reducing Patient Cancellations and No-Shows

Every no-show patient costs money that cannot be adequately recouped by charging a cancellation fee. Even if they pay a fee, collecting it can create tension and ill will. It can also cost team member time and energy to collect. Patient cancellation and no-shows are stressful. They are also avoidable.

5. Setting Fees Effectively

7 Strategies for Growing Your Dental Practice

One of my favorite things I help dentists do is how set fees. Too many dentists leave time and money on the table because they don’t set fees well. That leaves them needing to work faster or longer hours just to keep their business going. They can make more money while providing better care to patients by setting fees well. My favorite way to do this by reverse engineering profits. That allows you to set fees in a way that helps you serve patients well while increasing profits.

6. Managing Your Finances Well

There’s a misconception in many businesses that controlling expenses means you need to be cheap. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is you can control expenses by effectively managing finances. Finding the right bookkeeping solution and working with a CPA who understands dental practices can help you take better control of your finances.

7. Streamlining Operations

Practice-management software is more affordable and impactful than ever. It can help you streamline operations by going paperless. It can help you automate appointment scheduling. It can even help you create recurring revenue by implementing in-house membership programs. Imagine not having to spend the time and energy managing insurance relationships while increasing your fees and generating recurring revenue!

What are you doing to grow your practice?

7 Strategies for Growing Your Dental Practice

These seven strategies do a number of things to help practices grow. They automate and systematize operations, freeing up doctors and staff to participate in higher-impact activities. They help improve the return on investment in marketing by getting more patients to accept treatment plans when they come in. They reduce waste by saving money on supplies, reducing cancellations and no-shows, and help you manage your finances well. And they directly increase revenue by helping you create additional revenue streams, improve case acceptance, and increase your fees.

They also have an indirect benefit on your practice growth by freeing you and your team up to focus on getting patients for higher-revenue procedures, such as dental implants, crowns, and Invisalign.


If you want more help on implementing the 7 strategies for growing your dental practice mentioned above, check out the team of expert coaches, training, and resources we offer in our signature Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program.

You can also check out our upcoming Marketing & Practice Growth Challenge where after 21 days you will walk away with:

  • Your 12-Month Marketing Plan created
  • Your first or next successful Marketing Campaign launched, where you would have grown your practice’s presence and built relationships with small business owners in your community.
  • Whiteboards successfully implemented  in your practice to reverse-engineer your goals for more success and more profit.

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