The Membership Model with Tom Comerota

The Membership Model with Tom Comerota

I’m delighted to bring you this episode of the Delivering WOW podcast, featuring Tom comerota of Dental Stores.

Tom is helping offices across the country scale their business and increase their revenue by introducing products, services, and membership plans to their practice. And he does it all without stocking any inventory in the practice.

His amazing model increases customer retention and profitability, while making quality dental care more affordable and accessible for everyone. It’s an amazing concept and I’m sure you’ll find it eye-opening!


The Membership Model with Tom Comerota


In this episode, we discussed:

  • What Tom is doing with Dental Stores and how offices are benefiting
  • Why it’s important to offer services and products to your customers online
  • What a membership plan is, how it works, and why it is so valuable
  • The future of dental offices
  • How to add value to your customers through services and products
  • The intricacies of running a membership for its full life cycle


The Membership Model with Tom Comerota


To find out more about Dental Stores and the work Tom does, head over to their website.

Tom also has an exclusive deal for Delivering WOW listeners, so if you would like to claim your special offer, just follow this link and enjoy another perk of listening to this show!

Check out this short video trailer of the episode where Tom explains how a membership plan can benefit your dental practice:

How to Integrate Membership Plans Into Your Practice with Dr. Drew Byrnes

How to Integrate Membership Plans Into Your Practice with Dr. Drew Byrnes


I’m so excited to have Dr. Drew Byrnes from Dental Membership Direct on the podcast to discuss how to integrate membership plans and creatfinancing in your practice. 

Dr. Drew Byrnes is a fee for service dentist and the host of the Fee for Service Dentist Podcast. He interviews everyone from industry leaders to bread and butter dentists to find out what is working for them. Drew also determines how we can all strive to perform better dentistry for our patients every day. He has made it his mission to help dentists grow the FFS side of their practices.  

While dental experts say that fee for service dentistry is dead and that the golden age of dentistry is over, Drew is on a mission to prove them wrong. He is determined to stay out of network with dental insurances for his entire career.  

In an attempt to unite those who share his vision, Drew pulls back the veil on dental insurance companies. He aims to level the playing field by sharing tricks that we can all implement into our own practices.  


How to Integrate Membership Plans Into Your Practice with Dr. Drew Byrnes

On the podcast we discussed: 

  • Why Drew is so passionate about helping dentists create an automated dental membership plan 
  • The problem with modern dental insurance companies and their common loopholes 
  • The benefits of filling chairs with cash-based patients 
  • Whether you should outsource dental membership plans or manage them in-house 
  • How membership plans can help increase patient retention rates 
  • What you can get from the membership plan offered by Dental Membership Direct 
  • How Dental Financing Direct works and how it can benefit your practice


How to Integrate Membership Plans Into Your Practice with Dr. Drew Byrnes


If you want to find out more about Dental Membership Direct and its software, you can schedule a call with the team here. 

You can also lean how to automate your practice growth with a dental financing plan from Dental Financing Direct by visiting the website and scheduling a call. 

If you’re new to membership plans and want to learn how to use your plan to grow your practice, increase patient retention and profits, the Membership Master Course is for you.  

To listen to Dr. Drew Byrnes’ podcast, The FFS Dentist Podcastclick here. 


To watch a short trailer of the podcast, hit play on the video below: