Dental SEO: The Next Era of Marketing for Dentists. Publish or Perish

It’s been said that marketing is everything.  If that’s true, clinical skills, social skills, and marketing skills traditionally thought as compartmentalized are slowly giving way to each other.  I believe that in the next 10-15 years we will start to see a whole new kind of dentist become wildly successful.

What kind of dentist is poised to succeed?

The dentist who can start to think of herself in an entirely new way.  The dentist that values relationships in more capacities than simply face to face.  Where traditional face to face relationships are being supplanted by content-driven experiences.  Social media is an example of one such model that has changed the way we build relationships between brands and consumers.  The quality of content you publish impacts how much of a connection prospective patients will have with your brand.

Just as the telephone changed the way people communicate, so have other technologies.  Texting is a major disruptor.  Would you have ever guessed 20 years ago that you’d be using software to auto-remind your patients on little mobile devices that their cleaning is tomorrow?

But that’s not all…

We’re heading into a new era of dental marketing.  I’m talking about a tectonic shift in the way people decide if you’re the dentist for them.  One where knowing how and why people choose a dentist is something you absolutely must understand.  Discussions about publishing content which changes the way patients feel towards you will take over the myopic SEO, PPC, direct mail, blogging and other alphabet soup topics that dentists have today.  The discussion will revolve around how to create a content-driven experience that attracts and educates patients who come to know, like, and trust you.  The roundtable discussion will involve marketing professionals of all kinds, and the topic will be becoming remarkable.

What’s one thing you can count on, if you take this approach?

You’ll rank higher in search engines, if you have the right strategy.  And knowing how to do dental SEO doesn’t need to be overwhelming.  A step by step strategy must be formed, and that starts with going from a reader of articles, to a publisher of articles.  The next era of dental marketing is simple: publish or perish.

The first step:

Find opportunities to publish on other people’s platforms.  They’ll appreciate the content you provide, as long as it benefits their audience.  This can be specialists you refer to, other business owners in your neighborhood that know you, friends with relevant blogs, and editors at local media outlets.

The next step:

Create the content, or hire someone to help you.  Even if you’re not a writer, you can verbally explain a few concepts to a professional writer.  A great writer, photographer, podcaster, or video producer will be able to take clinical-speak and technical details and form them into an engaging story or catchy, informative article.

The final step:

Earn a link from this person you offered content to.  This video from Google’s Webmaster Tools Spokesman Matt Cutts explains that Google views a link from a credible source can improve your Google rankings:

Click here to watch the video

The more useful information you publish on other’s websites, the more often you can earn links.

What it means to your new patient flow:

SEO isn’t the only way you’ll attract new patients doing this.  You will also develop an audience on that platform.  One that you can eventually bring back to your blog, when you’ll begin to receive offers from guest bloggers.  Just like Facebook ads can help you draw an audience back to your website, this is one more audience you can persuade to hop into the virtual version of your dental office.

Inertia will ensue, making you the go-to informational resource that every winning dentist will strive to be.  If you can be the one dentist in your community to pioneer this approach, you’ll be much more likely to take the lead as the informational resource you need to be.  And it may be one of the few ways you can actually stand out from corporate dentistry.  Publish or perish.


Justin Morgan is an dental SEO Expert who helps dentists stand out through telling a unique story.  He is the Author of The Book on Dental Marketing, set to be released January 1st, 2017.  He can be found at