Why I’m Excited About Dental Intel’s New Morning Huddle

Why I'm Excited About Dental Intel's New Morning Huddle

Are you making the most of your morning huddles?

Dental Intelligence is the smartest software ever built for dentists. Their innovative technology helps dentists keep on top of tracking, analyzing, and growing their dental practices.

Dental Intel has recently launched a new Morning Huddle software that helps practice’s make the most of their morning huddles. The morning huddle is arguably the most important time of your day because it gives the entire team the opportunity to come together, review targets, celebrate victories, track progress, and so much more.

I was so excited when I found out about Dental Intel’s Morning Huddle that I couldn’t wait to invite my good friend, Jarom Dastrup, onto the podcast to talk about this amazing new software feature in more detail.

Why I'm Excited About Dental Intel's New Morning Huddle

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What a traditional ‘morning huddle’ usually looks like
  • Why your practice needs to start every day with a morning huddle
  • How morning huddles can help you reverse engineer success
  • How Dental Intel’s new Morning Huddle software works
  • The importance of having a morning huddle
  • New features included with Dental Intel’s Morning Huddle software update
  • How Morning Huddle can help your practice drive more revenue

Want to find out more about Morning Huddle and how to make your next morning huddle a complete success?

Download Dental Intel’s e-book – a 30-page document that explains everything you need to know about morning huddles, including why they’re so important and how to structure a morning huddle for maximum impact.


How to Multiply Practice Performance, Practice Value and Patient Care with Weston Lunsford of Dental Intel

Before working strictly in the dental industry, for the past 11 years, Weston was Co-Founder and Partner in Lunsford Peck, a successful Certified Public Accounting firm that focused on delivering strategic planning and CFO services to the business owner with the objective of improving their quality of life and strengthening the financial position of their business. During this time he worked with hundreds of dental and medical professionals.

Weston developed an innovation technology known as Dental Intel, which successfully increases the profitability and health of a dental practice. He believes the greatest achievement Dental Intel has reached is its ability to improve the quality of life for the doctor and the dental team.

In this episode, Weston and I discuss:

  • the key areas that dental practices should be tracking and how often they should they be watching the trends
  • how tracking key areas improves patient care
  • how practices can use data to improve practice performance and the value of the practice

Weston discusses how knowing what your practice is doing well can help you identify what to focus more on. He also discusses the importance of knowing your practice leaks. “Once you know which leaks you have in your practice, you can put in systems, hire a coach, or put in training to correct them.”

Dental Intel integrates with your practice management software to give you real-time data about what is going on in your practice.

From the innovative dashboard, you can input the date range of your choice to discover hidden opportunities to significantly increase production.

A few of the many key areas which can be tracked are:

  • Restorative/Elective Cases diagnosed and accepted
  • The number and percentage of new patients who were/were not  reappointed for hygiene and presented treatment
  • The percentage of hygiene patients who are reappointed
  • The number and percentage of no-shows and cancellations

What's even better, is that you can click into each metric to get an expanded list of the patients' names, contact information, and future treatment info so that you can implement systems for in-office follow-up.

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