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3 Systems You NEED To Put in Place to Grow Your Dental Practice

Training Dental Teams How to Schedule Patients

Why Production is NOT the Most Important Thing in Your Practice

How to Get Your Dental Patients TO KEEP COMING BACK For Life

Why I’m Excited About Dental Intel’s New Morning Huddle

Why I'm Excited About Dental Intel's New Morning Huddle

Are you making the most of your morning huddles?

Dental Intelligence is the smartest software ever built for dentists. Their innovative technology helps dentists keep on top of tracking, analyzing, and growing their dental practices.

Dental Intel has recently launched a new Morning Huddle software that helps practice’s make the most of their morning huddles. The morning huddle is arguably the most important time of your day because it gives the entire team the opportunity to come together, review targets, celebrate victories, track progress, and so much more.

I was so excited when I found out about Dental Intel’s Morning Huddle that I couldn’t wait to invite my good friend, Jarom Dastrup, onto the podcast to talk about this amazing new software feature in more detail.

Why I'm Excited About Dental Intel's New Morning Huddle

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What a traditional ‘morning huddle’ usually looks like
  • Why your practice needs to start every day with a morning huddle
  • How morning huddles can help you reverse engineer success
  • How Dental Intel’s new Morning Huddle software works
  • The importance of having a morning huddle
  • New features included with Dental Intel’s Morning Huddle software update
  • How Morning Huddle can help your practice drive more revenue

Want to find out more about Morning Huddle and how to make your next morning huddle a complete success?

Download Dental Intel’s e-book – a 30-page document that explains everything you need to know about morning huddles, including why they’re so important and how to structure a morning huddle for maximum impact.


Integrating Sleep Medicine Into Your Practice with Vivos

Integrating Sleep Medicine Into Your Practice with Vivos

Sleep apnea is more common than you might think. If left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to potentially serious health risks, which is why it’s so important to target the root cause of sleep-disordered breathing.

To help further understand what sleep apnea is and how we can help treat patients suffering from the condition, I invited Bryan Ferre, Chief Evangelist at Vivos Therapeutics Inc., on this episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast.

The Vivos® System is a clinical breakthrough in the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing for individuals of all ages. Their treatment even includes more difficult cases of sleep apnea, including mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea resulting from underdeveloped upper and lower jaws.

But, how does the Vivos® System work? And, why should you consider integrating sleep medicine into your dental practice? Bryan explains all in this episode of the podcast!


Integrating Sleep Medicine Into Your Practice with Vivos


In this episode, we discuss:

  • How sleep apnea treatments can help increase production per visit
  • The touching story about why Bryan is so passionate about sleep apnea treatment
  • The percentage of people who suffer from sleep apnea
  • How the Vivos® System treats the underlying condition of sleep apnea
  • How to seamlessly implement sleep medicine into your practice
  • The real value of sleep medicine and helping patients to overcome the issues that come with sleep apnea
  • Reasons why underdeveloped jaws have become so common


Integrating Sleep Medicine Into Your Practice with Vivos


If you’d like to learn more about the Vivos® System, you can check out their website and visit their conference website, breathingwellness.org.

Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott

Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott

What’s your story? Every dental practice has a story and sharing your story with patients can do remarkable things for the growth of your practice. But, how can you tell your story in the most authentic way possible?

Joshua Scott, the CEO of Studio 8E8, believes that creating authentic stories and bringing your story to life is key if you want to ‘captivate and connect’ with people. Studio 8E8 is dentistry’s story-driven marketing agency.

I’ve always believed that stories are the heart of a great dental practice, which is why I’m a huge fan of Studio 8E8 and how they can help dentists create incredible campaigns and strategies. I’m thrilled to have Joshua Scott join me on this episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast to learn more about his business and how they can help propel growth.

(On a side note, we recorded this episode just before the last Delivering WOW Summit in New Orleans. Joshua had some great insights, so I wanted to share this episode with you and who knows, maybe you’ll catch Josh at the next Delivering WOW Summit!)


Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott


In this episode, we discussed:

  • How Studio 8E8 helps dental practices tell their stories
  • Discovering your story and learning how to tell it the right way to the right people
  • The importance of using authentic story-driven marketing and how this type of marketing can help grow your practice
  • Using video to tell your story, gain credibility, and engage with patients
  • Why you need a stand-out website to catch patient’s attention


Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott


Want to learn more about Studio 8E8?

Head over to the Studio 8E8 website to find out how they can help you bring your story to life!

How Dental Videos Can Grow Your Practice with Channel D

How Dental Videos Can Grow Your Practice

Waiting rooms are far from being the most exciting places in the world. However, there is a way that you can make your practice’s waiting room entertaining, educational and even (dare we say it) fun for patients.

On this exciting episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast, I’m joined by Dr. Michael Sernik, the CEO of Channel D, a company that creates fun, engaging, and customizable videos to play in your dental office reception area. Their bite-sized videos are high-quality and designed to stimulate interest in the treatments your practice provides. You can even customize videos to incorporate things like your team’s photos, names, logo, and a call to action that drives engagement and practice growth.

Channel D is so creative and unique. By showing short, fun, and informative videos to patients as they wait in your reception area, you can keep them entertained while showcasing a consistent message that educates patients on your latest treatment options. This is an incredible service that I highly recommend, especially if you want to make sure your patients come back to your practice for their next dentist appointment.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Channel D was founded and what they are known for
  • How dental videos can create interest in your treatments
  • How to drive patients to accept treatment by focusing on the damaging result of the existing condition
  • The importance of using videos that contain emotional triggers and humanize the dentist
  • A brief overview of the process of working with Channel D
  • Tips to get patients to pay attention to your videos
  • How dental videos for your waiting room can help improve your team’s clinical knowledge

You can sign-up for a two-month FREE trial with Channel D by heading over to their website and subscribing (no upfront fees and no commitment – you can cancel your subscription at any time).

How Tray Therapy Helps Patients with Gum Disease with Tanya Dunlap

How Tray Therapy Helps Patients with Gum Disease with Tanya Dunlap

Patients who have periodontal disease often struggle the most between office visits, which is why I invited Tanya Dunlap, the Managing Director at Perio Protect LLC, onto this episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast to talk about their non-invasive trays.

Perio Protect LLC use Perio Tray Therapy to give patients with periodontal disease an effective option with prescription tray delivery of a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel deep into periodontal pockets. Using this type of non-invasive tray therapy delivers treatment deep below the gum line, helping patients achieve much healthier gums.

Tanya joins me for a highly educational discussion about tray therapy, how you can help patients get healthier gums and how you can implement this type of treatment in your own dental practice.


How Tray Therapy Helps Patients with Gum Disease with Tanya Dunlap


In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Perio Protect helps patients get healthier
  • What type of patients would really benefit from Perio Protect’s non-invasive trays
  • What makes the Perio Tray Therapy different to anything else on the market
  • How the Perio tray works and what drugs you can use with it
  • How to select patients to be a candidate for tray therapy
  • Financial aspects of Perio Protect’s Tray Therapy including insurance and billing information


How Tray Therapy Helps Patients with Gum Disease with Tanya Dunlap


To start implementing Perio Protect’s Tray Therapy treatment in your own practice, head over to providers.perioprotect.com or email support@perioprotect.com – remember to mention Delivering WOW to get the discounted rate and receive your first set of Perio Trays for FREE!


Check out this short video trailer of the episode below:

Is Your Team Frustrating You?

Is Your Team Frustrating You?

I recently had somebody reach out to me for advice on training new team members. This doctor was feeling frustrated because they had just hired a new team member and they found themselves having to repeatedly tell the new hire what to do.

I understand that hiring someone new and training them over and over again can be super frustrating and time-consuming. As a result I wanted to talk about the steps you can take to get through this process much quicker.

In this episode of the podcast, I reveal why so many dentists struggle to train new team members. And, what you can do to document your practice’s processes so that you don’t have to keep repeating yourself every time you welcome new team members into your practice.


Is Your Team Frustrating You?


In this podcast episode, I discuss:

  • A lesson we learned at my practice when it comes to developing new processes for the future
  • Why it’s so easy to get frustrated with new team members
  • How to document your practice’s processes and save time training new team members
  • Why you should create training videos and use them for onboarding new staff
  • The importance of providing clear guidance and direction to your team


Is Your Team Frustrating You?


Do you want to grow, scale and market your dental practice, FAST?

The Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program is the #1 program for dentists and teams to help scale and market their practices to new heights.

Inside of this Game-Changing Program, you will learn unique practice growth systems, how to manage your time, the best strategies for building a Rockstar Team, how to market your practice and so much more…PLUS…you’ll get NEW practice marketing campaigns every single month!

To find out more about the Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program, click here!

Watch a short trailer video for this episode below:

The Secret to Preventing Employee Turnover with Dr. Paul Etchison

The Secret to Preventing Employee Turnover with Dr. Paul Etchison

On this episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast, I’m thrilled to be joined by Dr. Paul Etchison. In this episode, Paul reveals the secret to building a powerful dental team and preventing employee turnover.

Paul is the author of ‘Dental Practice Hero: From Ordinary Practice to Extraordinary Experience. The book details how dentists can grow startups to $1m in collections the first year. As well as explaining how to de-stress the day to day running of a practice and how to become a leader that influences practice culture so positively that practice growth becomes organic.

Paul owns a large office in the Chicago suburbs and only does two days per week clinical dentistry. He is also the host of the Dental Practice Heroes Podcast. During our conversation, he talks about dealing with team power, culture and running a great practice. The practice is likely to collect a staggering $4.5 million in collections this year. And, if that’s not enough, Paul has never lost a single team member throughout the eight years his practice has been running, and as a result he has zero employee turnover.


The Secret to Preventing Employee Turnover with Dr. Paul Etchison

On the podcast, we discuss:

  • How Dr. Paul Etchison got into dentistry and started his own dental practice
  • Why Dr. Paul Etchison has experienced zero turnover and what he attributes that to
  • Tips for hiring the best team members, no matter where you are positioned
  • How to grow demand for your services and why block booking is so beneficial to your bottom line
  • The importance of creating an amazing patient experience and getting referrals from your existing patients
  • How to keep your team happy, engaged and accountable for practice growth


The Secret to Preventing Employee Turnover with Dr. Paul Etchison


If you want to find out more about Dr. Paul Etchison, you can check out his podcast, Dental Practice Heroes and read his book, ‘Dental Practice Hero.’

Dr. Paul Etchison and his good friend, Dr. Justin Bhullar have released an amazing online course called ‘Dental Business Mentor,’ which includes over 175 videos and 50 documents relevant to dental practice management. So, if you are interested in taking part in this course, you can learn more about it here.

To watch a short trailer video of the episode, click play below:

The Ease of Providing A Dental Warranty to Your Patients with Jared Parente

The Ease of Providing A Dental Warranty to Your Patients with Jared Parente

I’m super excited to welcome my good friend, Jared Parente from Dental Warranty Corp, onto this episode of the podcast. We discuss how you can grow your dental practice by giving your patients peace of mind with dental warranties they can trust.

Jared Parente is the CEO of Dental Warranty Corp and has committed the vast majority of a highly-entrepreneurial career to growth opportunities in healthcare. His work has helped to generate results through a focus on better patient experiences delivered through unique and disruptive concepts.

Dental Warranty offers nationwide, life-proof protection for restorative dentistry and appliances. It offers a unique practice growth opportunity with typical practices seeing an acceptance rate between 40% and 80%.

In my discussion with Jared, we talk about how your warranty can act as a powerful practice builder to help you not only grow your practice, but boost hygiene consistency, treatment acceptance and revenue.


The Ease of Providing A Dental Warranty to Your Patients with Jared Parente

On the podcast we discussed…

  • How Dental Warranty can help increase case acceptance
  • What happens when you present a claim with Dental Warranty
  • How payment for the warranty works
  • Procedures that are covered in the warranty
  • How to present warranties to your patients
  • The on-boarding process of getting started and training your team


The Ease of Providing A Dental Warranty to Your Patients with Jared Parente


If you’re ready to get started or you want to find out more about Dental Warranty Corp, you can visit www.dentalwarrantycorp.com or email brad@dw-corp.com.

To watch a short trailer of the podcast episode where Jared explains how warranties can increase case acceptance, hit play below:


The Fastest Way to Get Started With Invisalign With Nancy Ward

The Fastest Way to Get Started With Invisalign With Nancy Ward

The dentistry industry is competitive. If you’re not offering the latest products and services that your patients are looking for, you risk losing their custom to another practice that does offer those things. And, one of the most sought-after products in today’s market is Invisalign, which is why I’m so excited to have Nancy Ward from Invisalign on this episode of the Delivering WOW podcast.

Invisalign.com pioneered the world’s first clear aligners, helping people to straighten their teeth to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted – in as little as 3 months! Nancy has been an Invisalign provider for 12 years and is part of the US and Global faculty for Invisalign.

In my discussion with Nancy, we talk about how dentists like you can utilize Invisalign to enhance restorative outcomes and grow your practice.


The Fastest Way to Get Started With Invisalign With Nancy Ward


On the podcast we discussed…

  • How to integrate Invisalign in your practice when you aren’t a trained orthodontist
  • The process of learning how to be an Invisalign provider
  • Tips for training your team on Invisalign
  • How to utilize your team to help increase consults and case acceptance
  • How Invisalign can help boost your bottom line
  • Advice for getting started and certified with Invisalign


The Fastest Way to Get Started With Invisalign With Nancy Ward


Invisalign treatment can be used to treat mild to complex teeth straightening issues from slightly crooked teeth to gapped teeth, crossbite, open bite, underbite and much more.

To find out more about Invisalign, go to:  invisalign.com

To watch a short trailer of the episode where Nancy is explaining how to integrate Invisalign into your dental practice, hit play below:

Increasing Practice Efficiency And Communication With Mike Buckner

Increasing Practice Efficiency And Communication With Mike Buckner

On this exciting episode of the podcast, I welcome my good friend, Mike Buckner, onto the show to talk about how you can increase patient retention, with help from some powerful technology.

Mike Buckner has been working in the Dental Technology Field for eight years. He has worked as a Business Development Executive for Solutionreach, as well as a Director of Business Development for Dental Intel.

He is currently the Director of Business Development for Weave, and speaks at various meetings about patient retention and building patient loyalty. And, on top of all that, he has twin baby boys that keep him on his toes!


Increasing Practice Efficiency And Communication With Mike Buckner


On the podcast we discussed…

  • What makes patients reluctant to come back to your practice
  • How to improve patient retention by focusing on relationships
  • The action steps you can take to maximize relationships with your patients
  • Why you should use text messages to bond with patients and increase case acceptance
  • Using the Weave App to help improve efficiency and communication


Increasing Practice Efficiency And Communication With Mike Buckner


Weave is a powerful and unique platform that improves your customer response, team workflow and revenue generation. Go to try.getweave.com/deliveringwow/ to save 50% off activation!

If you’d like to get in touch with Mike to learn more about Weave or to ask him any questions, you can email him at mike.buckner@getweave.com


For a sneak peek into the episode, watch this video trailer where Mike explains how to improve patient retention and conversion:

Aftercare Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O’Donnell

After Care Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O'Donnell

I’m delighted to introduce Dr. Anne O’Donnell to the podcast and talk all about how dental practices can use aftercare chatbots to connect with patients and offer ‘Care beyond the Chair.’

Anne is a dentist based in Ireland and has been in practice for ‘more years than she cares to remember.’ She has had her own dental practices and sold a small corporate in 2018. She then became the groups Clinical Director. In 2013, she bought a failing practice and completely turned it around. It is now a multi-disciplinary general and specialist practice with a tenfold increase by 2018.

Anne is passionate about dentistry, her team, and her patients. She and her team have even developed a patient aftercare messaging service using Facebook Chatbots called “Care beyond the Chair.


After Care Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O'Donnell


On the podcast we discussed…

  • How ‘Care beyond the Chair’ works and how it helps make patients feel appreciated
  • Why chatbots have a higher open rate than email
  • Recommending dental hygiene products using chatbots
  • Tips for scheduling automated chatbot messages
  • How personalized messaging can help dental practices connect with their patients
  • How to get patients to opt-in to receive chatbot aftercare messages
  • The process of setting up ‘Care beyond the Chair’ in your practice


After Care Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O'Donnell


If you’d like to get in touch with Anne and find out more about how you can introduce her aftercare chatbot service in your practice, you can email her at dranneodonnell@gmail.com or reach out to conor@socialmediaelite.ie for more information.

Here is a short video trailer of the podcast episode where Anne explains how to use aftercare chatbots to connect with patients:


Proven Process for New Office Buildouts with Steve O’Leary

Proven Process for New Office Buildouts with Steve O'Leary

I’m thrilled to welcome Steve O’Leary, the Project Consultant at APEX Design Build, onto the show to talk about the best processes for designing and building your ideal dental practice.

Steve is a natural born leader and dedicated to delivering high levels of customer satisfaction with help from his positive outlook on life and great listening skills. He has worked at APEX Design Build for almost three years and is super passionate about the company and what they stand for.

Apex Design Build is a fully integrated design, architecture, and construction firm that specializes in creating state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. Their motto is as enduring as it is simple: Your practice made perfect.


Proven Process for New Office Buildouts with Steve O'Leary


On the podcast we discussed…

  • Everything you need to know about APEX Design Build Vs. Design Bid Build and what each involves
  • The importance of having a high level of communication during the new buildout process
  • Questions you should ask before hiring a team to help you build a new practice
  • The impact that a well-designed dental practice can have on your patients
  • What to expect when you hire a firm like APEX Design Build
  • How long a typical build project tastes at each phase
  • An estimated ballpark figure of building a typical dental practice
  • Taking the first steps towards designing and building your own practice


Proven Process for New Office Buildouts with Steve O'Leary


If you’d like to learn more about APEX Design Build and how they can help design the dental space of your dreams, go to: apexdesignbuild.net/the-apex-continuum/

To watch a video trailer where Steve talks about the process of designing and building your own dental practice, hit play below!


Improving Oral Hygiene With Ian Miller

Improving Oral Hygiene With Ian Miller

I’m thrilled to welcome Ian Miller onto the podcast to talk about all the ways that you (and your patients) can improve oral hygiene and enjoy a wider, brighter and healthier smile.

Ian is the Director of Global Sales for both Plaque HD and Steraligner. His passion for getting premium oral hygiene products into the mouths of your patients is only surpassed by his drive to make it as easy as possible for all your patients to have maximum oral health…oh, and his love for baseball and getting into the Guinness book of World Records!


Improving Oral Hygiene With Ian Miller

On the podcast we discussed…

  • How Ian transitioned from the world of B2B business to oral hygiene
  • How Plaque HD got started and what inspired its creation
  • The benefits of using a plaque identifying toothpaste that’s suitable for the whole family
  • Ian shares a compelling story about how Plaque HD helped improve a child’s oral health
  • Teaching patients how to brush their teeth properly
  • Using Plaque HD to achieve a brighter smile, whiter teeth, and a healthier body
  • How Plaque HD can help reduce the High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hsCRP) levels in your body
  • The possible impact that using this toothpaste can have on your oral hygiene in just 60 days
  • What Steraligner is and how you can use it to keep your toothbrush clean and sanitized


Improving Oral Hygiene With Ian Miller


You can find out more about Ian and get in touch with him by calling 8776775277 or emailing him directly at imiller@plaquehd.com

If you want to find out more about Plaque HD toothpaste and their new Plaque HD Whitening Toothpaste, head to plaquehd.com

Here’s a short video trailer of the podcast episode where Ian reveals how Plaque HD can help improve your oral health:


Turning Your Mess into Your Message with Dr. Erin Issac

Turning Your Mess into Your Message with Dr. Erin Issac

I’ve got a wonderful guest on the podcast who is also a key member of my inner circle, and that’s none other than Dr. Erin Issac. Dr. Erin Isaac is a Pediatric Dentist in Winning Smiles Pediatric Dental Care in Pittsburgh.

Winning Smiles Pediatric Dental Care is a welcoming, relaxing and fun space for children, helping to make the experience a lot less nerve-wracking. Their mission is to provide kids with high-quality dental education and treatment needed to grow into happy, healthy adults.

Dr. Erin attended the prestigious Ivy League, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, in Philadelphia. To further her knowledge of dentistry for kids, Dr. Erin continued her education with a rigorous residency program at the nationally ranked Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, where she earned a certificate in pediatric dentistry.

Besides making kids smile, Dr. Erin enjoying playing sports, spending time with family and friends, cooking, photography, fashion modeling and empowering young girls to be whatever they want to be and traveling the globe.


Turning Your Mess into Your Message with Dr. Erin Issac


On the podcast we discussed…

  • What inspired Erin to become a Pediatric Dentist
  • Empowering women and young people to go after the job they want
  • The importance of doing a job that you really love
  • How Erin chased her dream of being a model alongside her career in dentistry
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to share your story with others
  • The problem with comparing yourself to others
  • How sharing your story and being your ‘true self’ can actually help to bring more patients into your practice
  • Overcoming challenges and motivating yourself to keep moving forward
  • Understanding that it’s okay to reach out to people for help or support
  • The benefits of having a mentor, coach or being part of a supportive group
  • How to increase your team’s accountability and boost productivity


Turning Your Mess into Your Message with Dr. Erin Issac


If you want to find out more about Erin’s practice, head to the Winning Smiles Paediatric Dental Care website or follow Erin on Instagram @dr_erin.

To watch a video trailer of the episode where Erin talks about how sharing her story helped to attract more patients to her practice, hit play below:

The Making Of A Successful Startup With Dr. Ashley Joves

The Making of A Successful Startup With Dr. Ashley Joves

On this episode of the Delivering WOW podcast I am SO excited to introduce you to a rock start dentist, Dr. Ashley Joves.

Ashley is the Founder of Smile & Company, located in Folsom, Ca. Ashley announced via FB Live that she was officially doing a start-up, and that she was not going to “let fear and uncertainty” hold her back anymore. That post went viral with over 10,000 views. Ashley was able to become a local celebrity in her community, getting over 1100 people following her Facebook page, and 50 plus new patients booked prior to opening.

EP 88 - The Making Of A Successful Startup With Dr. Ashley Joves

On the podcast we discussed:

  • Why Ashley decided to launch a new start-up practice, rather than buy an existing business
  • Her vision of how her new practive would look and feel
  • How that one social media post about her planned start up changed everything, paving the way to a succesful launch
  • How she focussed on developing high-end dentistry skills before she launched her practice
  • How Ashley used social media to make her practice a success and why setting up a Facebook Business page was key
  • Why dentists embarking on a start up need a mentor
  • How her business start up was chronicled by Michael Arias of the Dental Marketer in the podcast series ‘The Making of Smile and Co'
  • The Facebook group Ashley set up to help other startups – The Making of a Dental Startup

EP 88 - The Making Of A Successful Startup With Dr. Ashley Joves

Dr. Joves can be reached at www.smileandcompany.com and via her Facebook Group, The Making of a Dental Startup.

Here's a video trailer of the podcast episode:

How To Create Systems That Work With Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel

How To Create Systems That Work With Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel - Delivering Wow Podcast

This week on the Delivering WOW podcast I spoke to Dr. Evelyn Samuel.

Dr. Samuel became a Dental Practice and Small Business Efficiency coach by chance. After achieving her life-time goal of becoming a Dentist, she set out to provide excellence within her chosen field. She had a unique experience after her residency. She worked in many different types of practices as a contractor and saw first-hand that although many of the owner dentists were excellent clinicians, they didn't have systems in place to run their businesses effectively. In fact, she continued to see the trend of dentists who were hands-off with their businesses, many times hearing them say, “I just want to do dentistry.”

How To Create Systems That Work With Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel - Delivering Wow

When Dr. Samuel opened her first dental practice from scratch, she discovered she had a gift for running the business and even hired business coaches before opening her doors and ‘hanging her shingle.' She and her team continuously read books on and took courses to enhancing the experience of her practice's customers/patients.

Years later after helping many colleagues set up/run their practices and publishing a book, ‘100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry: A professional's guide to efficiency profitability and sanity!‘ with practical vignettes of how to run an effective business, Dr. Samuel established her Efficiency Coaching Firm.

How To Create Systems That Work With Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel - Delivering Wow
On the podcast we discussed:

  • Evelyn’s journey to where she is today
  • How she gained unique experience working in many different practices before setting up in private practice, and how she realized many practices lacked systems
  • The lack of education in dental schools on being a CEO and a business owner
  • How important it is to know everything about your practice – you shouldn’t do everything but you should know about it
  • The most important systems that dentists need to focus on first
  • How effective it can be to role play out systems with your team
  • How to get your team on-board with systems
  • How to get started with developing systems
  • Evelyn’s new course – How to Start a Practice From Scratch
  • Getting started with opening a dental practice and why you should work out what your life goals are and ensure your practice aligns with them
  • Techniques for achieving our goals and the importance of learning about business and having a coach
  • What efficiency means to Evelyn

Evelyn can be contacted at info@drevelynteaguesamuel.com and you can head to efficiencyinstitute.com to find information about her ‘How to Start a Practice From Scratch' course and virtual workshops.

Here's a trailer of the podcast episode:

How To Attract Your Ideal New Patient With Cyndi Blalock

Cyndi Blalock - Delivering Wow Podcast Ep 84

This week on the Delivering Wow podcast I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Cyndi Blalock. Dr. Blalock passionately believes in ‘finding your tribe’. By finding your ideal patients and team, you can create the practice of your dreams.

Cyndi Blalock - Delivering Wow Podcast

Dr. Blalock completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO and completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery training at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry. During her training she completed an externship in oral and maxillofacial surgery at Truman Medical Center.

Dr. Blalock is an active member of the American Dental Association, as well as the Missouri Dental Association and Greater St. Louis Dental Society. She has spent time at the Missouri Capitol educating Missouri state representatives and senators about issues effecting the field of dentistry. She also writes a column that appears in The Arch magazine and is proud to provide dental care to the service men and women in the Army, Navy, and the Missouri National Guard.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • The journey that led her to where she is today
  • What ‘find your tribe’ means and why she follows that philosophy
  • Why you should define the kind of patients that you want to serve and then ensure that you focus on finding them
  • Having team members who are onboard with your philosophy
  • The process that Dr. Blalock and her team follow to define their tribe
  • What to do if you have patients that you would rather not have
  • How to find your ideal patient – from asking for referrals to using social media
  • How powerful Facebook advertising can be when trying to define and find your ideal patient
  • The culture of Dr. Blalock’s dental practice and importance of leading by example

Cyndi Blalock - Delivering Wow Podcast

You can find Cyndi on Facebook

If you haven’t done so already, please do make sure that you join the Dental Marketing and Profits Facebook Group

Here's a short video trailer of the podcast episode:


How to Lower Your Costs and Get Even More People Into Your Dental Marketing Funnel

Dental Marketing Funnel

One of the best parts of leading dentists around the world in the Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind program, my Inner Circle, and the free Dental Marketing and Profits Facebook community is celebrating with my students, clients, and community members as they get better results for their practice in less time and for less money.

One surefire way to get better results in less time and for less money is through implementing and optimizing dental marketing funnels.

Even if you’ve developed a high-performing, leak-free funnel, you can still improve your results and lower your costs by optimizing the way you attract people into your funnel.

Send People to Your Dental Marketing Funnels


The best way we’ve found to do that is through targeted Facebook ads that send people into your funnel by delivering a highly relevant guide or promotion to people to encourage them to give you their contact information.

The most basic form of Facebook ad that gets people into your funnel is a simple post presenting your guide or offer. Although the technique is predictably effective, results can vary from time to time, even if you use exactly the same text, image, and audience—for two reasons.

First, people are often unpredictable. What works in one demographic might not work in another. Also, people tend to act in groups, so if one ad gets many likes, shares, or comments, others will join in. Second, Facebook’s algorithm is set to build momentum in similar ways in order to ensure their members are shown the most relevant ads. Thus, Facebook will give more exposure to ads that get more engagement, and Facebook will do that at lower costs.

The most effective Facebook ads take advantage of both human behavior and Facebook algorithm tendencies in order to reduce costs and increase results.

Get More People Into Your Dental Marketing Funnels (While Lowering Your Costs)

Because it’s impossible to predict which posts will get the most engagement and better results, the best way to get more people into your funnel at a lower cost is to test multiple versions of the same ad, making only minimal changes to each version in order to find the best ad for your goal.

In marketing terms, this is called split testing, or A/B testing. With traditional marketing, split testing is expensive and difficult to do because you need to either print multiple versions of the same physical mailer or place multiple ads in different newspapers, television programs, and more. It’s also difficult to get reliable statistics quickly or to run ads without spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

With Facebook marketing and dental marketing funnels, split testing is super simple and can be done with a few clicks. Even better, you can get reliable data in a matter of a few days for just a few dollars.

For these reasons, the most successful marketers split test every Facebook ad they post.

Here’s how to split test your Facebook ads to get more people into your funnel for a lower cost.

Set Up Your Split Test

The good news is everyone who sets up a Facebook ad to send people to a funnel is already doing the first step of a split test. That first step is to set up a Facebook ad. We recommend setting a budget of between $3 and $10 for the ad. That’s plenty of money to get reliable data.

Once you have your Facebook ad set up, you need to duplicate the ad. You can choose as many copies of the original as you would like and keep your budget for each ad the same as the original. Usually, we advise people to choose one, two, or three copies; so they have two, three, or four versions of the same ad running. Some people choose to have eight versions of the same ad running.

Once you’ve duplicated the ad, edit each of the ads to change one element. The most frequently tested elements include the headline, copy, images, audience, or the offer itself. For example, you might send two ads to the same audience, with one offering a free guide and the other offering a deal, to see which converts better. You can also test two, three, or even four different images with the same audience and ad copy to see which one resonates better. You can even test two different audiences with the same elements. We recommend keeping it simple when you’re starting out or outsourcing your Facebook ads to an experienced ads manager, as we do with our clients, to help you.

Evaluate Your Split Test

After a few days, you check the performance, go back into Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor and check how each ad is performing. You may find that all ads are working well, producing similar, great results. In that case, you might choose not to change anything. You may also find that one or two versions are performing at significantly higher costs or attracting significantly fewer leads. In that case, with one click, simply shut off the ones that aren’t doing well, and let the ones that are performing best keep going. It’s that easy!

Start Testing!

Split testing your Facebook ads can push even your best-performing funnels to new levels. Imagine setting up a split test and discovering your original ad performed at double or triple the cost of your other versions and attracted fewer people. Had you not split tested, you’d be stuck with those results.

With split testing, you can click one button after spending less than $10 on a $3/day budget and let the other versions continue to perform at levels your original ad couldn’t touch.

If you’re running Facebook ads to your funnel, I challenge you to conduct a split test this week!

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How to Create a Profitable Hygiene Department with Debbie Seidel-Bittke RDH

Debbie Seidel-Bittke is the founder of Dental Practice Solutions and helps the dental practice uncover their true potential without working any harder. She is also a top leader in consulting according to DENTISTRY TODAY.

Debbie is also a former clinical assistant professor for the dental hygiene program at USC in Los Angeles and a former hygiene program director at a college in Portland, Oregon.

Dental Practice Solutions takes a holistic approach to creating sustainable profits in a patient-centered environment, by improving systems, services and inefficiencies in the dental hygiene department.

Is this episode, we discuss

  • The one simple system you can implement today to be more profitable
  • The importance of relationship building and communication
  •  Simple ways to increase the retention rate of the hygiene department
  • How to ensure that your patients keep coming back

Debbie also shares exactly what you can do when patients say they don't want treatment..

Links in the episode:

Dental Practice Solutions

What's next:

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How To Create a Great Dental Website with Jeff Gladnick

Jeff Gladnick is the Founder and President of Great Dental Websites (GDW), a dental focused local marketing company. Jeff started GDW in 2007 to help his father and other relatives (he has 7 dentists in his family) create effective dental websites for their practices. He created a publishing platform to enable Dentists to successfully market themselves to potential patients in their service area. GDW has since evolved into a full-service online marketing agency which has worked with over 400 clients in 3 countries.

Jeff has over 15 years in marketing & software engineering, particularly in the development of content management systems and publishing systems. Prior to founding GDW, Jeff worked on projects for companies such as Adobe, The Gap, D&B, and Taylor Farms, and others.
Jeff has a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Rowan University, holds a US patent (US20040000529), and resides in Denver, CO with his wife and 2 children.

The number one reason to have a website is to attract new patients. A website should also serve as a resource for current patients as to refer people to your practice.  One of the most important steps in building a great website is to know your ideal audience. This allows you to better serve them. What’s most important is sharing yourself, your personality. Share your culture on your website, share your practice’s story through your website. Share before and after pictures. That’s what people connect with.

When creating your website, decide what type of practice you want to be and present that on your website as well as on social media.

To get your social media right you have to get your website right.  Cookie cutter websites don’t cut it. It’s also very important to keep a consistent branding on your website, on social, and in your practice.

Here’s What Makes a Great Dental Website:

·      A Customized design that is unique to the practice

·      Posts that allow site visitors to emotionally connect with your practice

·      The website should be responsive for mobile

·      It should have a quick button for people to contact you

·      It should have unique content and copywriting

·      It should share the office philosophy

·      It should provide value

·      It should have video integration

·      It should have your before and after pictures

·      It should never have duplicate content from other websites

·      It should have a map and directions


Here are a Few More Tips to Use in Your Website Design:

·      Great introduction copy

·      Create a call to action

·      Place your phone number on the top right

·      Use horizontal navigation

·      Use legible font

·      Never have a black background with white text

·      Use unique pictures of you practice

·      Feature your services

·      Have a commonly asked questions section

·      Have a contact form on every internal page


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How to Create Real Wealth With Dr. James Dahle

James M. Dahle, an emergency physician,  learned the hard way that growing your wealth begins with having good advice and understanding the wealth creation process. In general, James says that doctors like him save too little, buy too much house, rush into employment contracts rather than seeking an ownership position, get bad financial advice from commissioned salesmen who are usually peddling loaded mutual funds or whole life insurance, pay too much for good advice, and have disorganized investing plans. To help his colleagues, James started The White Coat Investor, a blog that offers doctors and other high-income professionals advice on personal finance and investing.

In today's episode, James and I discuss the first steps that dentists should take to start to grow their wealth.  We discuss the ideal percentage that should be saved and invested to ensure financial freedom, as well as the mindset that someone must have to be financially free. James shares investment strategies as well as strategies that you can use with your kids to start them on a path of investing. This episode is packed with lots of value, and you'll want to make sure that you listen to the very end.


Grab Your FREE Copy! “Top 7 Financial Errors Doctors Make (and how to avoid them)!”


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Beyond 32 Teeth: Leading Your Team Through Communication with Dr. Lisa Knowles

Dr. Lisa Knowles writes daily and has contributed articles to Dentaltown Magazine, Dr. Bicuspid.com, The ProDentist, Dentistry Today, Dental Products Report, and Dentistry IQ.  Lisa has a wealth of information that inspires dentists to look at dentistry and health in new ways. Encouraging leadership, communication skills, personal growth and practice management are some of her strongest subjects.

Dr. Lisa Knowles’ interest in dental care Beyond32Teeth® grew throughout her extensive educational background beginning at Alma College, as a Communication major, and then next at the University of Michigan where she earned her DDS degree. After 15 years in practice, and seeing a need for communication expertise in private practices as well as in dentistry as a whole, she decided to marry her two loves: dentistry and writing/communication. With these skills, she helps dentists strengthen their teams & find more personal satisfaction as a business owner, a clinician, and a leader.

In this episode, Lisa and I discuss why communication is so important when building your dental practice. We discuss the role of being an effective leader, as well as the importance of delegation to multiply your results.  Lisa discusses the importance of taking the time to train your team, as well as the importance of providing feedback for your team so that they can perform. She discusses the importance of checklists so that everyone knows what to do, as well as to have a specific person on your team to ensure that all systems are implemented.

Download Your Copy of “The Complete Checklist to Systematizing Your Practice”

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Beyond 32 Teeth

Audible.com: The #1 App that I use to listen to books while in the car or on the go

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