How to Overcome Fear When Building a Dental Practice


Running a dental practice can be scary. There are a lot of uncertainties we must overcome as we try to grow our practice and achieve our dreams.

But it’s not easy to overcome the fear that comes from growing a dental practice. Between patient care, marketing, leading a team, and more, we have barely enough energy to keep things together.

That makes it especially hard to face our fears. What if we fail? What if we can’t do it? We have so many “what ifs” that run through our minds all day, every day. If we want to achieve great things with our practice, however, we must keep going. We must overcome our fears. We must push through.

Dr. Shakila Angadi, the mindset coach for our Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program, took a few minutes to share the importance of overcoming fear and strategies to do so.

Here is what Dr. Angadi describes as the reason overcoming fear is so important along with three questions to ask yourself to help overcome fear.

Why Overcoming Fear is So Important


How to Overcome Fear When Building a Dental Practice


She emphasized that it is often our fears that hold us back from unlocking the full potential of what we can be as we build our practices. No matter what our struggles, at the root of the problem is often something we’re afraid of that causes the struggle.

We are all capable of whatever we put our minds to, but fear holds so many of us back. For some, it causes us to not give our best efforts, believing no matter what we do, we will ultimately fail. For others, fear causes us to not even try. We don’t think that we can achieve what we want to achieve, and we refrain from moving forward at all.

Our fears play right into our decision-making process. They make us believe we’ll fail no matter what we do. They make us believe the risks we need to take to success are not worth taking because we’re not good enough or talented enough to succeed.

In short, overcoming fear is so important because it keeps us from doing what we need to do to build an amazing practice and transform the lives of our patients and team members, build a life we want for our families, and give back to our communities.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Overcome Fear


How to Overcome Fear When Building a Dental Practice


Dr. Angadi teaches three questions any dentist can use to begin overcoming fear. If you struggle with fear, ask yourself these questions to start to take control over your future and not let fear get in the way of building an amazing dental practice.

1. What are you afraid of?

The fear of failure is the most common fear dentists face. For many dentists, they put 100% of themselves into something and are afraid they’ll fail after giving it their all. Others are afraid of being judged for failure. Others are even afraid of success. They are afraid that succeeding would bring on obligations they won’t know how to handle.

Whatever your reason for fear is, it’s important that you identify it. Why are you afraid? What are you afraid of? From there, you can work on overcoming it.

2. Why are you afraid of that?

Once you identify what your fear is, the next step is to dig deep and figure out why you’re afraid of that. Where did that fear come from? Many times, that fear comes from something that happened in our past. Sometimes it comes as early as our childhood. Other times, it came from an experience later in life.

Many of us cling to fears that have nothing to do with dentistry and let them hold us back. Really dig deep, and try to figure out why you are reluctant or hesitant to do something.

3. What is the worst and best thing that can happen?

Once you know what you’re afraid of and why, consider the worst-case scenario that can come if what you’re afraid of happens. Often, it’s nothing we can’t handle. We might lose a little money.

Then, ask yourself what’s the best thing that can come out of overcoming your fear. Many times, the best things include getting more time with our families, making life-changing impacts on our patients, and living our dream lives.

Usually, there are more good things that can come out of squashing our fears than there are bad things that can happen if the worst-case scenario happens.

Contrasting your thoughts between the best and worst things that can happen helps discern when risks are worth taking or when our fears are misplaced.

Challenge fear today!


How to Overcome Fear When Building a Dental Practice


Fear can make us think too much and get paralysis by analysis. I challenge you to identify something you want from your practice that you’ve hesitated to pursue because of fear. Ask yourself these three questions, and get ready to push through to amazing things.

If you want more help overcoming fear and achieving life-changing things for yourself, your family, your patients, and your practice, you can get weekly mindset coaching from Dr. Angadi as a Delivering Wow Platinum coaching member.

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