Beyond 32 Teeth: Leading Your Team Through Communication with Dr. Lisa Knowles

Dr. Lisa Knowles writes daily and has contributed articles to Dentaltown Magazine, Dr., The ProDentist, Dentistry Today, Dental Products Report, and Dentistry IQ.  Lisa has a wealth of information that inspires dentists to look at dentistry and health in new ways. Encouraging leadership, communication skills, personal growth and practice management are some of her strongest subjects.

Dr. Lisa Knowles’ interest in dental care Beyond32Teeth® grew throughout her extensive educational background beginning at Alma College, as a Communication major, and then next at the University of Michigan where she earned her DDS degree. After 15 years in practice, and seeing a need for communication expertise in private practices as well as in dentistry as a whole, she decided to marry her two loves: dentistry and writing/communication. With these skills, she helps dentists strengthen their teams & find more personal satisfaction as a business owner, a clinician, and a leader.

In this episode, Lisa and I discuss why communication is so important when building your dental practice. We discuss the role of being an effective leader, as well as the importance of delegation to multiply your results.  Lisa discusses the importance of taking the time to train your team, as well as the importance of providing feedback for your team so that they can perform. She discusses the importance of checklists so that everyone knows what to do, as well as to have a specific person on your team to ensure that all systems are implemented.

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