How To Treatment Plan for Success with Andre Shirdan


Andre is an author, inspirational speaker, coach and certified trainer. He is the Creator of The CREW Process, and co-creator of the periodontal StatCk (Stat Check). Today, Andre celebrates close to 30 years in dentistry and the practices using his CREW Process have found great personal success.  Andre is known to be motivational, genuine, down-to-earth, frank and devilishly funny.

In this Episode, Andre and I discuss what is takes to be successful in getting your patients to accept treatment plans. Andre gives special focus to the area of treatment planning in the area of Periodontal services.

Here's what we cover:

  • Why so many patients have a hard time accepting their Periodontal treatment plans.
  • Why every dental office needs a clinical protocol for diagnosing periodontal disease.
  • What common mistakes dentist making as it relates to treatment planning periodontal treatment.
  • The role of verbal and diagnostic skills
  • What it takes to have better conversion on treatment plans

Andre also discusses his revolutionary approach to systematizing the diagnostic process, based on A, B, C, D's

A- Asymptomatic

B- Bleeding


D- Depth/Disease

F- Failing

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