3 Ways to Turn Dental Patients Into Raving Fans

Patients have many options when choosing a dentist. With hundreds of thousands of dentists in practice already and thousands more graduating dental school every year, your ability to retain patients and earn their referrals to their friends and family is more important than ever.

Loyal patients who refer you to their friends and family not only make marketing your practice easier, they make it more profitable, because you don’t have to spend more advertising time and money to earn the right to serve those patients or their referrals, as you do to attract new patients with no prior connection to your practice.

Thus, your ability to turn your patients into raving fans can make the difference between constantly struggling and chasing new patients with advertising time and money to building a thriving practice with loyal patients who send you even more patients, allowing you to utilize advertising strategically from a position of strength.

Here are three ways to turn your patients into raving fans of your practice.

1. Provide an escape.

Your patients can get quality dental care anywhere. What they can’t get anywhere is an escape from the stresses and discomfort of dental visits. From the sounds of drills to uncomfortable waiting rooms, dental offices haven’t traditionally been a pleasant place to be. Even a simple thing like providing iPads and headphones to mask the sounds of our drills when doing services can make a difference.

2. Provide extra relaxation services.

Your patients live busy, stressful lives. With family commitments and work pressures becoming more demanding, many people go through life stressed or depressed and don’t have time or money to enjoy little personal luxuries. Do what you can to give them the relaxation they desperately want and need.

A few simple adjustments in your office to help your patients relax can make a big impact on your patients’ lives and earn their loyalty and referrals. Even simple things like having comfortable waiting-room furniture, soft, relaxing music; and warm fabrics and wall colors can create a spa-like experience for your patients. In our practice, we go one step further and provide hand-and-arm massages to ease our patients’ tension and relax their minds.

3. Control the smells in your office.

Industries like spas and luxury real estate are known for using scents to evoke emotions and feelings. By controlling the smells in your office, you can help make your patients feel relaxed or at home.

Cooking things like fresh baked cookies or popcorn give your patients a tasty snack after their visit, but they also make your office smell great. You could also use mildly scented lotions, soaps, or perfumes to control the smells in your office and create a spa-like smell that evokes a sense of luxury and relaxation.

Does your office help you turn your patients into raving fans?

Does your office help your patients escape from the stresses of dental care? Does it make them see your office as a place they can go to take a break from their stressful lives? What smells do your patients experience in your office? How does that make them feel?

If your office is full of the same uncomfortable furniture, expired dental magazines and brochures, and sterile colors and smells, you’re missing an incredible opportunity to transform your practice.

Creating a luxurious, spa-like experience for your patients by helping them escape, relax, and feel pampered can help turn casual patients into raving fans that can set growing your practice on auto-pilot.

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