A Simple Two-Step Process for Getting Online Reviews for Your Practice

When you first get started with the marketing strategies I teach, you might be surprised by how simple they are at their core. Whether it’s Facebook marketing for dental practices, dental marketing funnels, or any other strategy I teach, all of them boil down to applying what has worked for decades to the modern world. By doing so, we are able to get better, faster, and more affordable results.

For example, dental marketing funnels involve taking the conversations we used to have with patients in person on webpages and email. Boosting Facebook Live videos to thousands of people moves the videos we used to display on television to social media. And Facebook advertising helps us send targeted ads to people we used to only target through postcards. With all of the things we teach, all we are doing is using modern tools to get better results from the things that have worked for decades.

The same is true for collecting online reviews. Whether it’s a restaurant or a dentist, prospects often search Google before going to a business. So, whether someone gets referred to our practice or finds us because of a Facebook Ad, chances are they will search for reviews before making an appointment. Here’s the simple two-step process we use to get online reviews from our practice.

Step 1: Provide an experience people can’t stop talking about.


A Simple Two-Step Process for Getting Online Reviews for Your Practice


It is pretty easy to get reviews if you don’t skip this critical first step. When patients have WOW experiences at your practice they won’t be able to help but talk about your practice. They’ll tell you and your team how amazing their experience is. They’ll talk with friends, family, and coworkers, too.

Are you providing experiences your patients will talk about? It doesn’t have to be complicated to do so. For example, patients love when we provide warm peppermint-scented towels after treatment, give office tours, and kids go to the toy box first. It’s so much different than most other dental practices.

In addition to providing experiences unlike other practices, giving patients WOW experiences builds deeper relationships than they get anywhere else. That makes them more likely to want to reciprocate all the goodwill you build up with them. And two of the most common ways patients reciprocate are leaving online reviews and telling their friends, family, and coworkers about you.

Step 2: Ask patients about their experience after every appointment.


A Simple Two-Step Process for Getting Online Reviews for Your Practice


At the end of each visit, ask your patients, “How was your experience, today?” If you’ve treated them to a WOW experience, the answer will inevitably be something along the lines of “Amazing!”

Once they answer, thank them for the feedback. Then let them know you are trying to help patients who are afraid to go to the dentist because of past experiences and that you will be sending them an online review link and it would mean the world to you if they would share their experience with others. Let them know that patients often say that online reviews gave them the courage to go to the dentist for the first time in a long time. Also let them know that sharing their experience could be the push someone needs to get the care they need to change their life.

Asking about their experience and connecting it to helping others helps transform your request from asking for help to something with a deeper meaning. We can’t just expect people to enter a review when they get an automated text or email. You have to make a connection with them so they want to help you and others.

Are you struggling to collect online reviews?


A Simple Two-Step Process for Your Practice


Everything I teach is old-school word-of-mouth marketing with a modern twist, utilizing social media and other technological advances to help us get better results in less time and on smaller budgets. Many times—like this—old-fashioned patient care combined with modern technology is the best mix for success. Build deep relationships with your patients and use technology to make the process simple and easy.

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Using Online Reviews to Build Your Reputation with Dr. Len Tau


I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Len Tau to this episode of the podcast to talk about the importance of online reviews to help improve your reputation and grow your practice.

Dr. Len Tau is a practicing dentist and General Manager of Dental Vertical at Birdeye Dentist in Northeast Philly. He’s also a speaker, consultant, podcaster, author and an expert when it comes to online reviews. Dr. Tau will be one of the speakers at my Delivering WOW Live Summit this year too, which the entire community is super excited about. Dr. Tau is the host of The Raving Patients Podcast and recently published his brand-new book, Raving Patients, where he shares simple tips and best practices to become visible and demonstrate credibility online.

As dentists, our online reputations are incredibly important. However, no business is perfect, and we have to expect some not-so-nice reviews to pop up now and again. It’s how you respond to these reviews that matter and in this episode of the podcast, you’ll learn how you can do that and how you can use online reviews to build a powerful reputation for your practice.


Using Online Reviews to Build Your Reputation with Dr. Len Tau


On this episode, we discuss:

  • How to deal with negative online reviews
  • Why online reviews should play a key role in your marketing strategy
  • A few key takeaways from Dr. Tau’s new book, Raving Patients
  • Tips and strategies for using online reviews to build your reputation
  • What you can expect from Dr. Tau’s seminar at the Delivering WOW Live Summit 2020
  • HIPAA tips for dentists dealing with unfair or negative reviews
  • How to automate the process of receiving online reviews from patients


Using Online Reviews to Build Your Reputation with Dr. Len Tau


To learn more about how your online reputation and reviews can make or break your practice, check out Dr. Len Tau’s website for more information.

If you would like to hear more from Dr. Leonard Tau, you can tune into The Raving Patients Podcast and pick up a copy of his new book, Raving Patients.

Watch a short video trailer for this episode below:

Online Reviews with Dr. Len Tau

Dr. Leonard Tau is passionate about internet marketing, social media, reputation marketing and its ability to help grow your practice. In his content-rich energizing seminars, Dr. Tau shares his firsthand experience and the tools used to achieve 100% growth in his practice since 2009 in a down economy (unheard of levels for a solo practitioner)

Dr. Tau maintains a full-time fee for service practice in Northeast Philadelphia focusing on general, cosmetic, reconstructive and implant dentistry. He is owner of iSocial Reviews and General Manager of the Dental for Birdeye Reputation Marketing Software. He is the author of Reputation Matters Blog and has been published in DentalTown, American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics, Dentistry Today, Inside Dentistry and other newsletters. He lectures nationally and internationally to fellow dentists on internet marketing, social media and reputation marketing.

In this JAM-packed episode, you will learn everything needed to be successful with online reviews. We discuss:

  • Why reviews are important for dentists as they scale up their practices
  • The role of online reviews and how reviews affect SEO
  • The review sites which matter most
  • How to get your TEAM to ask for reviews
  • How to automate the review process
  • How to handle negative reviews
  • and much more!

Contact Dr. Len Tau- [email protected]


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Oops! Did You Get a Negative Facebook Review?

I want to bring up the topic of negative reviews on Facebook, and how you should handle them. Let's face it, if you put yourself out there, you will eventually get a negative review. The thing is, the online world is a spectator's sport. People are not only interacting with you, but they are watching how you interact with your customers. Get it right, and a negative review can flip to a positive for the person leaving the review, and for your practice.

There are a lot of questions about if you should respond to a negative review. Well, no response is a response. It says that you don't care. You never want to be known for that. Others ask if you should delete the comment? Uh, hell no! That will irritate the reviewer even more. (By the way Facebook does not allow FB reviews to be deleted. Comments to posts can be deleted or hidden, but again, unless they are spammy, you should never do that.)

If you get a negative review, always respond immediately letting them know that you appreciate their feedback and that you will contact them and will ensure that they are happy. This needs to be written as a response to the review. If the person responds again that they are not pleased, then write again that you are committed to ensuring that all patients have a great experience. If they come back a third time, then you do not have to respond. You have already responded positively, and the online spectators will see that you are a company that cares.

Never, ever discuss the details of the appointment or what happened during their visit online.

This is the first negative review that we have had on Facebook in years. We recently had a Facebook cleaning promotion, and one of our new patients who came in left this review. We contacted the patient immediately and got her back in.

We discussed her review in the morning huddle and I explained if you over deliver many times the person leaving the review will go back and leave a positive review. That is exactly what happened.



Here is a Great Read on How to Handle Negative Reviews: