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How to Create a Dental Membership Program with Jordon Comstock

How to Create a Dental Membership Program with Jordon Comstock

Are you thinking about creating a dental membership program for your patients?

Dental membership programs can help dentists better-serve their patients. But, this type of dental membership can also help generate predictable recurring revenue for your practice and in this episode of Delivering WOW, you’ll find out how.

I’m joined by the founder and CEO of BoomCloud, Jordon Comstock. BoomCloud is a dental membership software company that enables dentists to reduce dependence on dental insurance by creating an in-house membership program for their practice. They make it easy for dental practices to administer membership programs that generate recurring revenue, attract uninsured patients, retain patients and help increase case acceptance.


How to Create a Dental Membership Program with Jordon Comstock


In this episode, we discuss:

  • How BoomCloud helps dental practices build dental membership programs
  • How a dental membership program can help you to create and maintain an additional income stream for your practice
  • The benefits of building a dental membership program
  • Why patients want to sign-up for dental memberships
  • The problem with traditional dental insurance companies
  • How a dental membership can reduce your dependence on third-party insurance companies
  • How dental memberships help to increase patient loyalty and retention
  • A brief overview of monthly and yearly pricing plans


How to Create a Dental Membership Program with Jordon Comstock


To find out more about creating Dental Membership Programs with help from BoomCloud, visit their website or email Jordon directly – [email protected]

You can also download Jordon’s eBook – How to Create & Grow a Dental Membership Program.


Check out this short video trailer of the episode below:

The Membership Model with Tom Comerota

The Membership Model with Tom Comerota

I’m delighted to bring you this episode of the Delivering WOW podcast, featuring Tom comerota of Dental Stores.

Tom is helping offices across the country scale their business and increase their revenue by introducing products, services, and membership plans to their practice. And he does it all without stocking any inventory in the practice.

His amazing model increases customer retention and profitability, while making quality dental care more affordable and accessible for everyone. It’s an amazing concept and I’m sure you’ll find it eye-opening!


The Membership Model with Tom Comerota


In this episode, we discussed:

  • What Tom is doing with Dental Stores and how offices are benefiting
  • Why it’s important to offer services and products to your customers online
  • What a membership plan is, how it works, and why it is so valuable
  • The future of dental offices
  • How to add value to your customers through services and products
  • The intricacies of running a membership for its full life cycle


The Membership Model with Tom Comerota


To find out more about Dental Stores and the work Tom does, head over to their website.

Tom also has an exclusive deal for Delivering WOW listeners, so if you would like to claim your special offer, just follow this link and enjoy another perk of listening to this show!

Check out this short video trailer of the episode where Tom explains how a membership plan can benefit your dental practice:

Why Every Practice Should Consider Starting a Membership Program to Unlock Massive Growth

At Delivering WOW, we believe the benefits of starting a membership program in your practice make it a no-brainer. 

To help you evaluate whether one is right for you, we recently sat down with Jordan Comstock to discuss how. Jordan took the time to explain how membership programs work and how his company, BoomCloud, helps dentists utilize membership programs to get their practice to reach peak profitability.

Here are three of our favorite reasons why every practice should consider starting a membership program.

Help more people get dental care.


Why Every Practice Should Consider Starting a Membership Program to Unlock Massive Growth


At PPO practices, frustration about insurance is common. For many patients, the complications that come with dental insurance make it just as infuriating to them, too. As a result, patients frequently resort to paying more out-of-pocket than they need to. Those out-of-pocket expenses can really add up to the point that they don’t come in for preventative dental care as much as they should. They only come in for emergency care or when they can’t kick the can down the road any longer on their oral health issues.

Moreover, while health insurance is a common employee benefit, dental insurance isn’t. This leaves a big gap in the market for people who would want dental care but need an affordable and predictable option. 

Finally, many retired patients lose their dental benefits and let their oral health decline. When patients retire, dental insurance can become prohibitively expensive. So, they let their oral health deteriorate. That’s a huge problem. 

Offering a membership program can be the solution for many people and position you as a dental provider of choice.

Create predictable recurring revenue for your practice.


Why Every Practice Should Consider Starting a Membership Program to Unlock Massive Growth


Oftentimes in dentistry, one month will be super busy and another month will be super slow. There’s a lot of fluctuation throughout the years—kids go back to school, holidays mean people have less money to spend, and more. Jordan refers to this volatility as “feast and famine” months. 

Running a business in which you have to depend on feast and famine months can be very stressful. A lot of factors can make the difference between practice growth and a struggle to make a profit. Membership plans can make revenue more predictable and reliable. 

Jordan works with practices that generate $30,000 to $40,000 a month from just automatic membership plan fees, and that doesn’t include dentistry from non-members. Why start at zero every month when you can start at $30,000 to $40,000? If you’re starting your month at $30,000 to $40,000 as your baseline, you can shoot for higher growth. How nice would it be to aim to start each month with $100,000 in membership plan fee revenue?

Keep your patients loyal.


Why Every Practice Should Consider Starting a Membership Program to Unlock Massive Growth


When patients have insurance plans, they might only be loyal to you until they need to change plans. If they change jobs, you might lose a patient. If their plan gets expensive and they need a new one you might lose a patient. But if they are on your membership plan, a job change won’t impact their dental coverage.

That’s why patients who sign up for your membership plan will likely become very loyal to you. They’ve paid for a membership and they’re not going to forgo the benefits that come with it. Jordan has found that, when a patient becomes a member, they end up spending two to three and a half times more with that practice than a non-member would.

Does your practice have a membership program?

Whether you have a membership program already in place or decide to start one, make sure you educate your patients about your plan. Tell them how it works and all the benefits to them. Be sure to explain exactly how it works so they know what they’re buying into and how to maximize their benefits. If you do, you can create mutually beneficial relationships with patients that can last years and years! 

For more strategies on making sure your practice grows to its full potential, join the Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program, where you and your team can access the best trainings and coaching from leading experts on all aspects of growing a WOW dental practice.

Creating a Dental Membership Savings Plan and Call Tracking with Dr. Christopher Phelps


Dr. Christopher Phelps is an entrepreneur and general dentist who owns multiple practices in the Charlotte, NC region.

Dr. Phelps is the author of  How to Grow Your Dental Membership Plan: Secrets behind my 1.4 million dollars of growth

He is also the founder of Call Tracker ROI.

In this episode, you will learn the benefits of creating a dental savings plan for your practice, how to market your savings plan, and how adding a saving plan will help you to quickly grow your practice.

We then discuss the benefits of call tracking, such as being able to identify where your referrals are coming from, being able to identify how many calls are being missed, as well as being able to better train your team for optimal success.

Membership Saving Plan

Call Tracker ROI

Creating A Successful Dental Savings Plan with Dr. John Montoya


Dr. John Montoya is a dentist and the founder of Elm Savings Plan. John found that patients in his practice that didn't have insurance kept asking “what plan do you recommend I sign up for”.  The difficult dilemma was that he couldn't recommend any specific plan because they all have their own issues with either less than ideal coverage for the patients or significantly decreasing the doctor's fees.  Elm Savings Plan was formed to solve a need that he found in his own practices. This is a solution to help dental practices thrive and grow. He is most passionate about his faith, his family, and his education.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What exactly is a saving plan
  • What are the benefits of a dental practice providing a savings plan
  • How patients benefit from this service
  • The first steps a practice can take to set up a savings plan

We also discuss which sort of procedures can be included in a savings plan as well as the best way to market a savings plan.

To find our more, visit Elm Savings Plan

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