Host Beneficiaries: The Secret Weapon That I Used to Increase Revenue by 28% in One Month!

Many dentists think that you need to spend a lot on marketing. In fact, I hear so many dentists and entrepreneurs in general say that you have to spend money to make money. However, there are some times when that rule does not apply. And quite frankly, these are the rules that I want to play by. This one strategy that I will lay out for you has allowed me to build partnerships with top companies in my community, reach out to my ideal patients, and become 28% more profitable. This one marketing strategy that I discovered a while back that has helped me to boost my brand is the Host/Beneficiary arrangement.

The Host/Beneficiary arrangement is an advanced marketing strategy where your company teams up with a more established or bigger business in your area that serves an audience that is similar to your own.

The basic way it works is this: You offer a free or deeply discounted offer to customers of the larger organization. The larger organization (the host) shares this offer with its customers. You (the beneficiary) get the implied endorsement of the host.

In the business world how this works is that you research companies in your area that have customers who would also be ideal customers to your business. You approach the company and create a great free (or discounted) offer that you would like for them to share with its customers.  

If the company likes your quality and finds the offer useful, there is a good chance it will agree to the arrangement. So why would this bigger company agree to promote your company? Because it’s a no-cost way to provide something of value to its customers. The host company doesn’t have to pay for the perk you give. You offer it at no cost to the organization.

I decided to apply this advanced strategy to my dental practice, and instead of offering a perk or promotion to its customers, I offered it to their teams.

This is how it looked in my practice: We created an email that included an offer of 50 percent off dental cleanings and shared it with the biggest bank in the country. The email stated that because we both believe in building communities and building strong teams, we have decided to create this partnership. The employees were free to use their insurance and share the offer with their friends and family. The offer was for a limited time of one month. Well, needless to say, we were wowed.

That month we had over 250 new patients and our revenue shot up 28% from the previous month. We had to hire an additional hygienist because of the rapid growth!

We attribute the success of this campaign to the great offer as well as to the fact that it was shared by the team's company. Incidentally, even though we offered a promotional price, more than 50 percent of the patients added on additional same day services such as adult sealants, fluoride and fillings and scheduled for future treatment. 

Because of our culture of Delivering WOW, after receiving unexpected bonuses such as a complimentary arm and hand massage, a full office tour, and an iPad and headphones to take away the sound, they became raving fans.  

Because of the success of this campaign, we now create host/beneficiaries for cleanings with one large and one small company every month. We also offer it to the team of the charity that we are supporting that month. 

So perhaps your next question is how do I set up these host/beneficiaries? Well, sometimes it's all about the relationships. The easiest way to “get through” is to ask a patient who works at the company to make the connection. Or you can “cold call”, but you might not get 100 percent agreeing to the partnership. However, even if the acceptance rate is 20%, that is quite fine as there are limitless options of companies that can be contacted. I would suggest making the offer for them to share with their team vs. their customers, as they will look like a winner to their employees. And remember this is a task that can be delegated. 

This strategy speaks to what is a new patient worth. You see, it didn't cost more than an email to create and market the campaign. It cost us a little chair time and some prophy paste. But the value of that campaign will last a lifetime! 

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How To Implement No Cost Strategies to Build Your Brand Through Strategic Alliances

A great way to build your brand and grow your practice is through strategic alliances. Strategic alliances allow you to gain access to people and resources you may not otherwise be able to access.

In a strategic alliance, you team up with another business or organization to do a project or certain initiative together. You agree to share resources so you can both gain access to whatever resources you feel you cannot get alone.

For instance, you might develop a strategic alliance with a bridal shop. You might offer a 50 percent discount on teeth whitening certificate to all brides who schedule an appointment and mention the postcard or flyer they got from the bridal shop. The bridal shop gets to offer brides a greatly discounted gift in the form of teeth whitening. You get the opportunity to land a new customer. The bride gets the chance to put on her best smile for her special day.

Teaming up in this way with a bridal shop is a perfect fit for your dental practice, as brides are often in the market for cosmetic dentistry.

Another alliance that we set up was with a top local sushi restaurant. They designed an electronic coupon for a free dessert for our patients to receive during their birthday month. We include this “gift” to our patients with the auto responder that goes out to our patients on their birthdays. It is a win-win-win. Our patients get a free gift, the restaurant gets more customers, and we are able to add value to our patients without paying a thing.

You can get creative when considering strategic alliances. Look at what you can provide to the other side, and what you expect to receive. It’s important that both sides are receiving value; otherwise the alliance will not work.

A strategic alliance can help you to grow your practice in a significant way, as you gain new customers, resources, and other benefits of joining forces with another organization.

How To Create a Strategic Alliance:

To set up a strategic alliance, contact a company in your area who has a similar target customer as one who you would have as a patient in your practice.  Let them know that you believe that there is a good fit for your practices to work together to grow or enhance both businesses.

Yes, some businesses won't be willing, but the answer is 100% no from those who you don't ask!

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How To Multiply Your New Patient Numbers Through Facebook Ads and Growing Your List with Miles Noland

Miles Noland is an online advertising specialist and the owner of Flourishing Dentist. Miles is a marketing genius and has been featured on ABC and CBS news. As you know, many dentists struggle with understanding the whole online space as well as understanding how to get patients from the internet. Well, Miles solves this!  He does so my helping dentists to drive prospects through Google and Facebook Ads that turn into more patients and more revenue for the practice. Many dentists blindly spend thousands of dollars on online advertising, yet have poor copy, have websites with no landing pages, and have no systematic follow-up. Miles helps dentists to better understand marketing so that they can get results!

In this episode of the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast, Miles and I discuss what it takes to have a flourishing practice, including understanding how to write good copy for your ads as well as the importance of tracking the ROI of your ads. Miles shares tips for tracking, as well as tips to grow your new patient numbers by building your list.  He discusses that you must always add value first, and discusses the use of autoresponders to stay connected with those who have already visited your website.  Finally, Miles shares some new and fresh strategies to help you grow your practice through Facebook.

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5 Key Elements to Define Your Brand with Adrion Porter

This episode of The Delivering WOW Dental Podcast is all about Building your Brand. After helping HBO, Citigroup, and Cartoon Network build their Brands, we are thrilled to have Adrion Porter as a guest on the show! Adrion and I had an amazing chat, as he uncovered the 5 Key Elements that define a brand. We also discussed what is a brand, and the role that culture has in defining a company's brand, starting with the leadership. We also discuss New Media, such as Facebook, Periscope, and Snapchat, and its role in building your brand. You will want to take lots of notes, as this episode brings a boatload of value!

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Adrion is a brand builder, podcaster, speaker, and marketing consultant. He is the Founder/CEO of FusionFlow Media – a “mobile-first” digital media company focused on audio storytelling. He works with brands and individuals to develop their own audio content marketing (i.e., podcasts), and help them utilize the intimate power of audio especially for this on-demand and mobile marketplace. Their initial show, Gen X Amplifiedis the only media platform that speaks directly to the often forgotten, yet powerful generation between the boomers and millennials.

Before launching FusionFlow Media, Adrion worked for Cartoon Network at Turner Broadcasting as Senior Director of Consumer Marketing. There he led marketing and brand management efforts for their tentpole animated franchises such Star Wars: The Clone WarsBen 10, and many others. As a lifelong Star Wars fanboy, overseeing Star Wars: The Clone Wars was probably Adrion’s most rewarding role – because he managed the direct relationship with LucasFilm. This included getting a chance to stay overnight at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch! Adrion also managed the network’s content strategy for their “First Look” advertising in movie theaters with NCM (National Cinemedia). Prior to Cartoon Network, Adrion was the Director of Market and Brand Development at HBO, where he led integrated marketing campaigns for award-winning shows like The SopranosSex In The City, and The Wire. Adrion also managed overall network brand strategy for Cinemax and HBO Latino.

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Here’s How to Double Your New Patients Overnight

Wow!  That's all that we can say.  This month has been amazing.  We are “Wowing” lots of patients and they are thrilled to provide testimonials.  So how did this happen?

  1. A Unique Office Culture- Our “Think Big and Have Fun” Company Culture allows us to focus on Delivering WOW in every area, from On time Appointments, to Quality of Dental Work, to Wow Experiences.  We are passionate about what we do and what we deliver.
  2. Social Media- By sharing and growing our Social Media presence through Facebook and Instagram, prospective patients are constantly seeing 5 Star Reviews and testimonials.  Typically 40% of our New Patients come from Social Media.
  3. Strategic Alliances- Through partnering with companies who have the same target audience, we are able to create a win for both businesses and our customers. $50.00 Gift Cards were provided to a local Day Spa and Optical.  They presented our Gift Card to their customer after they purchased a specific package or spent a certain amount.  
  4. Host Beneficiares- This 1 Strategy has been HUGE!  How it works is that you make a new patient offer to other businesses that they can share with their TEAM and team's families.  We offered 50% off New Patient Cleanings to a Leading Bank, Investment Brokerage Firm, Bakery, and Small Business Association.  We had to hire an additional hygienist to serve all of the new patients!

The most interesting thing is that ALL of these new patients have been “Wowed”.  They appreciate our On Time Guarantee, are thrilled with the Quality and Consistency of their Dental Work, and are LOVING the WOW's of complimentary arm and hand massages, iPads and bluetooth headphones to take away the sound, blue mountain coffee, freshly baked plantain tarts, and toothbrushes in the bathroom.  

So the cycle will continue…