3 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Impactful for Your Dental Practice


As the world opens back up after the Covid-19 pandemic, the dental industry is entering unprecedented times. We’re planning a successful reopening for our dental practices. We’re crafting our marketing message to be more applicable to a post-coronavirus world. And we’re navigating new PPE requirements and putting other policies in place to protect our patients and team members.

All these additional requirements and sensitivities make it even more important to be efficient and effective with our marketing strategies. We need to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of all of our marketing efforts. Here are three ways to get better marketing results without having to spend more time and money on your marketing.


1. Involve your patients in your marketing.

Some of the best dental marketing campaigns are the ones that get your patients involved in spreading the word about your practice. At my practice, we like doing coloring contests, clothing drives, and thirty-day floss challenges with our patients.

Patient involved initiatives like these offer great ways to spread the word about your practice while building deeper relationships with current patients. 

To involve your patients in your marketing start by choosing a campaign that involves your patients. We’ll use a coloring contest as an example. You can give away free dental care or even gift cards to local shops for winners. Then, hang flyers around your practice so everyone who comes in can see what you are doing. Have your team members encourage patients to submit an entry to the coloring contest, too. In addition, send out emails to your patients about the contest to get patients who are not scheduled to come in involved.

As you get entries, share pictures of the entries on your Facebook page so all of your Facebook fans can see the camaraderie you have with your patients. And involve your team or Facebook fans in choosing a winner. You could even put all the entries on your Facebook page and hold a public contest where the pictures with the most likes and shares wins. That will make it so your patients share posts with their friends and family members and encourage them to interact with your Facebook content.

When we involve patients in our marketing, we create tremendous goodwill and excitement about our practice. People see our practices differently. And they spread the word to their family and friends.  And all that leads to spreading the word about your practice.


2. Get your community to market our practice for you.

It’s a lot easier than you think to get your community excited about what you’re doing in your practice. If you’re doing something like a Project Smile makeover competition or treating kids for free one Saturday, your community will likely be very excited to help you spread the word. And the fastest and easiest way to do that is to do a Facebook Live letting people know what you’re doing.

When done correctly, you can have thousands of people in your community seeing and sharing your message. Just start a Facebook live, introduce yourself, let people know what your practice is known for, and tell them what you’re up to. Then ask them to take part and spread the word. Your energy and authenticity will go a long way to ensuring they share your message with their friends and family 

After you record your Facebook Live, share the link with your patients by email and ask them to get involved, too. As they watch and share your content, your reach will continue to grow.


3. Think through what great experiences you’re providing for patients in your practice.

If you’re giving patients amazing experiences your marketing can get even easier. For example, in my practice, one of our primary goals is to ensure patients leave feeling pampered. When they arrive, we give them a tour of our practice. We show them our core values. We let them know what we’re known for. We show them new technology, safety measures, and more. We also give them warm peppermint-scented towels to wash their faces and give them gourmet coffees and teas. 

Of course, we also provide top-quality dental care on top of all the benefits and amenities After all that, our patients frequently tell us how much they look forward to coming to the dentist. Imagine that! 

At the end of each appointment, we ask patients, “How was your experience today?” When they let us know it was amazing, we ask, “Would you be willing to do a quick video to share that experience? There are so many people who are afraid of going to the dentist, it just might change someone’s life.”

You might be surprised by how many people say yes. When they record a video, we can then share it on social media and to our patients by email. 

By giving amazing experiences everyone wins. Our practice becomes more enjoyable for us and our patients. And we get patients regularly recording videos encouraging people to come to our practice. While us telling people why our practice is so special is helpful, patients telling them is even more helpful

Are you struggling to market your practice?

If you’re struggling to market your practice, patient participation, community involvement, and experience enhancement might be what you need to start marketing like a boss.

If you’re looking for training or coaching for your team to accelerate your growth, click here to learn more.

Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott

Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott

What’s your story? Every dental practice has a story and sharing your story with patients can do remarkable things for the growth of your practice. But, how can you tell your story in the most authentic way possible?

Joshua Scott, the CEO of Studio 8E8, believes that creating authentic stories and bringing your story to life is key if you want to ‘captivate and connect’ with people. Studio 8E8 is dentistry’s story-driven marketing agency.

I’ve always believed that stories are the heart of a great dental practice, which is why I’m a huge fan of Studio 8E8 and how they can help dentists create incredible campaigns and strategies. I’m thrilled to have Joshua Scott join me on this episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast to learn more about his business and how they can help propel growth.

(On a side note, we recorded this episode just before the last Delivering WOW Summit in New Orleans. Joshua had some great insights, so I wanted to share this episode with you and who knows, maybe you’ll catch Josh at the next Delivering WOW Summit!)


Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott


In this episode, we discussed:

  • How Studio 8E8 helps dental practices tell their stories
  • Discovering your story and learning how to tell it the right way to the right people
  • The importance of using authentic story-driven marketing and how this type of marketing can help grow your practice
  • Using video to tell your story, gain credibility, and engage with patients
  • Why you need a stand-out website to catch patient’s attention


Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott


Want to learn more about Studio 8E8?

Head over to the Studio 8E8 website to find out how they can help you bring your story to life!

How Dental Videos Can Grow Your Practice with Channel D

How Dental Videos Can Grow Your Practice

Waiting rooms are far from being the most exciting places in the world. However, there is a way that you can make your practice’s waiting room entertaining, educational and even (dare we say it) fun for patients.

On this exciting episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast, I’m joined by Dr. Michael Sernik, the CEO of Channel D, a company that creates fun, engaging, and customizable videos to play in your dental office reception area. Their bite-sized videos are high-quality and designed to stimulate interest in the treatments your practice provides. You can even customize videos to incorporate things like your team’s photos, names, logo, and a call to action that drives engagement and practice growth.

Channel D is so creative and unique. By showing short, fun, and informative videos to patients as they wait in your reception area, you can keep them entertained while showcasing a consistent message that educates patients on your latest treatment options. This is an incredible service that I highly recommend, especially if you want to make sure your patients come back to your practice for their next dentist appointment.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Channel D was founded and what they are known for
  • How dental videos can create interest in your treatments
  • How to drive patients to accept treatment by focusing on the damaging result of the existing condition
  • The importance of using videos that contain emotional triggers and humanize the dentist
  • A brief overview of the process of working with Channel D
  • Tips to get patients to pay attention to your videos
  • How dental videos for your waiting room can help improve your team’s clinical knowledge

You can sign-up for a two-month FREE trial with Channel D by heading over to their website and subscribing (no upfront fees and no commitment – you can cancel your subscription at any time).

How to Craft Effective Marketing Content During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the pandemic, there’s no denying times are different. We're all making big adjustments to be careful about Coronavirus—especially business professionals like dental practice owners. As we begin to reopen, we need to take control of our marketing efforts to make sure we get the right return on our investment over the long-term.

That means truly understanding our audience and then taking three simple steps to ensure your marketing fulfills your intended purpose. That's always the case. But it's even more important when marketing through turbulent times. Earlier, we talked about some of the mechanics of impactful marketing during a pandemic.

Today, we're going to talk about how to craft effective marketing content during the covid-19 pandemic. As you'll see, it's as easy as three simple steps.

1. Take time to understand what your marketing campaign's ideal audience wants and needs.


How to Craft Effective Marketing Content During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Often, the dental services we promote vary. That means our audiences and messaging needs to vary as well. Now is no different. Take a moment to understand exactly who you want to reach with your marketing. Are you looking to reach emergency dental patients? Are you looking to reach current patients? Are you going to be talking to others in your community?

Once you know your audience, craft content that matches what they want to know. For the community, you might want to show your social responsibility as a dental practice and business. If you want to talk to current patients, you might want to craft content about safety and cleanliness. If you want to reach emergency patients, you might want to discuss virtual consultations, safety procedures, and readiness to serve.

2. Create content that directly addresses the ideal audience member's needs and desires.


How to Craft Effective Marketing Content During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Once you understand what your audience wants, create content that directly addresses it. For example, if you're creating an ad for emergency patients, you will get better results with a video describing safety measures than an image showing you wearing a mask. That's because the picture only implies you have safety measures in place. Your video will directly address all the safety measures you have in place.

This is another rule of thumb that matters regardless of the pandemic. When you’re creating any content for a marketing effort, make sure the content directly addresses what your audience wants and needs from a practice like yours.

3. Include a simple call to action.


How to Craft Effective Marketing Content During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Once you create the right content for the right people, add a simple call to action at the end to let your audience members know exactly what to do next. Is the next step to schedule a virtual consult? Tell them and include a link to schedule. Do you want them to call your office to make an appointment? Say so and include your phone number.

Make it as easy as possible for your audience members to take the ideal next step based on your marketing campaign and you will get much better results from your marketing.

Are you crafting impactful marketing content for your dental practice?

If you've struggled to achieve a high return on investment on your marketing, these three steps will help.

If you don't want to go at it alone, we are helping hundreds of practices during this time in Dental Boss Academy, and are offering special value for you and your teams! If you have been wanting to dive into Facebook Marketing though our Facebook Bootcamp Program, now is also a great time to start preparing for when you reopen!


3 Ways to Work on Your Business When Times Are Slow

When times are slow, understanding what to do to work on your business can be challenging. But when you find the right opportunities, you can create momentum to help you come back stronger than ever.

Three of the most important parts of our businesses we can strengthen during slow times are our practice vision, branding, and systems. Together, they define where we are going, the relationships we build to get us there, and the methods we will use to achieve our vision. Here’s how to improve each of those areas when times are tough.

1. Refine your vision.


3 Ways to Work on Your Business When Times Are Slow


If you don’t have a practice vision, it’s tough to make strategic decisions. That’s why it’s so important to have a practice vision. It guides you in making decisions that lead you closer to your vision. Slow times are prime opportunities to revisit and refine your vision.

Refining your vision can be as simple as asking yourself questions about where you want to go in your business or personal life. How many days do you want to work every week? What roles do you see as being most important in your practice? What do you want to be able to delegate to others? Would you rather focus on the business side of things and be a practice owner or would you like to have somebody else manage the business side of things so you can just do dentistry? What type of practice culture do you want? What do you want patients to feel when they walk in the door?

Write down your answers to these questions and start thinking about any changes you need to make to build a practice consistent with your vision.

2. Work on your branding.


3 Ways to Work on Your Business When Times Are Slow


What do you want patients and people in your community to say about your practice when you are not around? It doesn’t matter how nice your website is or how pretty your logo is, your brand is determined by your reputation among your patients and the community. If they think your practice is high quality and spa-like, that’s the brand you have. If they think your practice is behind the times, that’s the brand you have.

Take a look at how your practice is presenting itself to your patients and the community. What do you think those messages are causing people to say about your practice? Does it match what you want them to be saying? If so, great! Lean into that and think of ways to do even more when things pick up. If not, what do you need to change?

3. Improve your systems.


3 Ways to Work on Your Business When Times Are Slow


Your operations are a sum of the systems you have in place. Do your systems make your business run like a high-quality engine? Do your patients get a consistently WOW experience at your practice? Are your team members consistently performing? If consistency is a problem in your practice, better systems are your solutions.

For example, you can use this time to train your front desk team members to answer the phone masterfully. Make sure your team is on the same page so things stay organized even when things get crazy by having morning huddles every day. Systems can improve every area of our practices.

What are you doing to work on your business right now?

While the pandemic might make things feel hectic right now, this slow time offers a great opportunity to work on our businesses even if we can’t work in them in the moment. Eventually, this time will pass and we’ll all be back in the swing of things. Taking time to work behind the scenes will make our practices stronger than ever once everything turns around.

If you’re looking for training or coaching for your team to accelerate your growth, click here to learn more.

And if you want more help improving your business, join me and thousands of other practice leaders in my free Dental Boss Movement community!


How to Market Your Dental Practice Online with Adam Zilko

How to Market Your Dental Practice Online with Adam Zilko

In our always-connected times, marketing has moved away from flyers and word of mouth referrals (though they’re still helpful!) and towards digital and internet marketing.

For some people, this is exciting. For others, it’s like a nightmare come to life!

If you know you should be marketing your practice online but don’t know where to start, Adam zilko is one of the best people you could ask. His company, Firegang Dental Marketing, works with dental practices across the country to make marketing work for them in a way that is reliable and provably effective.

Well here’s the great news – you don’t need to find Adam to hear his advice, because he’s my guest on this episode of the Delivering WOW podcast!

We talk about digital strategies for dental practices and Adam shares a very special offer for Delivering WOW listeners.


 How to Market Your Dental Practice Online with Adam Zilko


In this episode, we discuss:

  • What Adam and his team at Firegang Dental Marketing do
  • Whether it’s better to handle marketing in-house or with an agency
  • The best way to start marketing your practice online
  • Why data is the foundation of great marketing
  • How to not waste your money with digital marketing


 How to Market Your Dental Practice Online with Adam Zilko


If you’d like to find out more about Firegang Dental Marketing, check out their website or give them a call: (800) 398-0979. And don’t forget to get your exclusive Delivering WOW deal from Adam here. If you’re a member of my mastermind, you can unlock your own unique deal here!


Check out this short video trailer of the episode where Adam zilko shares his online marketing tips:

How to Schedule More Dental Appointments with Tom Brown

How to Schedule More Dental Appointments with Tom Brown

How to Attract and Retain Patients in a Competitive Market

It used to be that you could hang a sign up in front of your dental practice with the word “Dentist” on it and you’d be one of the only dentists in town. Locals would stroll through your doors when they needed to get treatment because you were the closest and most convenient clinician around. 

Unfortunately, it’s not so simple to get patients to come to your practice anymore. Competition is bigger than ever, and patients have access to more information than before. That means we have to adopt a different mindset when attracting new patients as well as to retain existing patients. When we do, we can attract the patients we want to grow our practice and then retain those patients for the long term. Even better, we can get those patients to sing our praises online and tell their family and friends about us, making our marketing efforts even easier.

Here are two ways to attract and retain patients no matter how competitive a market you practice in.

Make all patients feel like VIPs.


How to Attract and Retain Patients in a Competitive Market

When a patient comes in for treatment, they aren’t too concerned about your clinical skills. They have already concluded that you know how to treat them. In fact, most assume you do because of your training. Thus, while it’s obviously important that you do an amazing job, quality clinical care isn’t a selling point. Making all patients feel like VIPs
is a selling point. Treating all patients like VIPs creates loyalty with current and new patients and gives you great content to use in your marketing campaigns. 

Does your team make patients feel like VIPs when they come in? How were they greeted by the front desk? How were they treated by the dental assistant when they were handed off? And how did the dentist present a treatment plan to them? 

What’s your office environment like? Patients care a lot about how the environment made them feel. A comfortable waiting room with access to magazines that interest them and coffee they like turns what most people expect to be a boring experience into a relaxing one. Having iPads with music people can enjoy in the OP as they receive their treatment can make a stressful experience more pleasant. The list goes on. 

Too many practices overlook the experiences they provide to patients but just a few small tweaks can often help attract and retain more patients, especially in a competitive environment. 

Create a WOW online presence and get patients to share their experiences online.


How to Attract and Retain Patients in a Competitive Market

In this day and age, everything is on the internet, and
online reviews are becoming more and more important. There are sites like Yelp and Google where you’ll be graded on a scale of 1-5 stars and people will talk about their good, bad, or ugly experience at your practice.

If you don’t match your online presence to the in-office experience you provide, you could lose a lot of potential patients. When patients see your marketing, they will often visit your website. Does it demonstrate the look and feel you want to convey in the market? Make sure your online presence matches your dental brand. If you need help, here are seven ways to supercharge your practice website.

Also, you can be sure that many new patients have analyzed your online reviews before they came into your practice for treatment. If another practice has a 5-star rating with great online reviews and you have a 3-star rating with only a few mediocre online reviews, who do you think they’ll go to for their treatment?

It can be a struggle to get patients to leave online reviews sometimes. But if you work hard to deliver an experience that WOWs them, make sure you encourage them to share their experience online. Here’s a simple two-step process to get patients to leave positive online reviews for your practice.

Are you attracting a regular stream of loyal patients?


How to Attract and Retain Patients in a Competitive Market

Do you consistently have trouble getting patients to come in and then stay loyal customers? Getting in your patients’ mindset to make them feel like VIPs and get patients talking about their positive experience with you can help you attract and retain patients in even the most competitive markets.

If you want even more help growing and marketing your practice, sign up for the Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program where you can find more training and coaching on all aspects of running and growing a high-profit dental practice.

A Simple Two-Step Process for Getting Online Reviews for Your Practice

When you first get started with the marketing strategies I teach, you might be surprised by how simple they are at their core. Whether it’s Facebook marketing for dental practices, dental marketing funnels, or any other strategy I teach, all of them boil down to applying what has worked for decades to the modern world. By doing so, we are able to get better, faster, and more affordable results.

For example, dental marketing funnels involve taking the conversations we used to have with patients in person on webpages and email. Boosting Facebook Live videos to thousands of people moves the videos we used to display on television to social media. And Facebook advertising helps us send targeted ads to people we used to only target through postcards. With all of the things we teach, all we are doing is using modern tools to get better results from the things that have worked for decades.

The same is true for collecting online reviews. Whether it’s a restaurant or a dentist, prospects often search Google before going to a business. So, whether someone gets referred to our practice or finds us because of a Facebook Ad, chances are they will search for reviews before making an appointment. Here’s the simple two-step process we use to get online reviews from our practice.

Step 1: Provide an experience people can’t stop talking about.


A Simple Two-Step Process for Getting Online Reviews for Your Practice


It is pretty easy to get reviews if you don’t skip this critical first step. When patients have WOW experiences at your practice they won’t be able to help but talk about your practice. They’ll tell you and your team how amazing their experience is. They’ll talk with friends, family, and coworkers, too.

Are you providing experiences your patients will talk about? It doesn’t have to be complicated to do so. For example, patients love when we provide warm peppermint-scented towels after treatment, give office tours, and kids go to the toy box first. It’s so much different than most other dental practices.

In addition to providing experiences unlike other practices, giving patients WOW experiences builds deeper relationships than they get anywhere else. That makes them more likely to want to reciprocate all the goodwill you build up with them. And two of the most common ways patients reciprocate are leaving online reviews and telling their friends, family, and coworkers about you.

Step 2: Ask patients about their experience after every appointment.


A Simple Two-Step Process for Getting Online Reviews for Your Practice


At the end of each visit, ask your patients, “How was your experience, today?” If you’ve treated them to a WOW experience, the answer will inevitably be something along the lines of “Amazing!”

Once they answer, thank them for the feedback. Then let them know you are trying to help patients who are afraid to go to the dentist because of past experiences and that you will be sending them an online review link and it would mean the world to you if they would share their experience with others. Let them know that patients often say that online reviews gave them the courage to go to the dentist for the first time in a long time. Also let them know that sharing their experience could be the push someone needs to get the care they need to change their life.

Asking about their experience and connecting it to helping others helps transform your request from asking for help to something with a deeper meaning. We can’t just expect people to enter a review when they get an automated text or email. You have to make a connection with them so they want to help you and others.

Are you struggling to collect online reviews?


A Simple Two-Step Process for Your Practice


Everything I teach is old-school word-of-mouth marketing with a modern twist, utilizing social media and other technological advances to help us get better results in less time and on smaller budgets. Many times—like this—old-fashioned patient care combined with modern technology is the best mix for success. Build deep relationships with your patients and use technology to make the process simple and easy.

If you want even more help growing and marketing your practice, sign up for the Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program where you can find more training and coaching on all aspects of running and growing a high-profit dental practice.

Driven Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami

Driven Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami

Do you want to start attracting more high-value dental patients to your practice each month?  If so, you don’t want to miss this episode of the podcast. I’m joined by Charles Biami, the Founder and Chief Marketing Manager of Driven Dental Implant Marketing.

Charles helps dentists just like you attract and convert high value dental implant cases and he does it in a way that provides a consistent flow of new monthly patients. With Driven Dental’s deep understanding of patient needs and the dental industry, they have the experience, insights and know-how to help you drive 20+ qualified opportunities to your front desk each month.

Together, we discuss exactly how Driven Dental Implant Marketing can help drive more high-value patients to your practice. And, we give you some practical strategies to help you convert more patients over the phone.


Driven Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami


On the podcast we discussed:

  • What Driven Dental Marketing can do for your practice
  • How to target patients searching for dental implants online
  • How Driven Dental Marketing can help you convert more leads into patients
  • Why every dental practice should have an online chat service
  • Strategies to help your front desk team get more conversions over the phone
  • Why more dentists need to understand that marketing brings prospects, but it’s up to your team to convert those prospects into patients


Driven Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami


Want to learn more about how Driven Dental Implant Marketing can help you drive more high-value patients to your practice?

Head over to their website to learn more and if you’re ready to take it a step further, you can book a FREE strategy call with Charles about your practice, your marketplace and the steps you need to take to grow your implant practice.


Watch a short video trailer for this episode below:




How to Transform Your Dental Practice in Just 21 Days

Transforming a dental practice from stressful, low profit, or hard to run does not have to take a lot of time. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of money, either. I know this from having helped thousands of people grow their practices.

My programs help grow practices without stress, overwhelm, or sacrificing family time. But to put them to the test, I created a 21-day Marketing and Practice Growth Challenge. I designed the challenge for practices led by doctors who are fed up with overwhelm and ready to get results.

For practices who have only achieved lackluster results in previous marketing efforts, 21 days might seem like a very short time. But that’s the thing. Growing your practice is not about how much time has passed. It’s about understanding basic principles of business, marketing, and leadership, and taking action. When you put a few strategic systems in place, you can create transformational change in a very short period of time.

That’s exactly what we sought to do with the practices who took the challenge. We helped them set goals, get on the same page, and put together a marketing plan. We then coached them through implementing their plan and helped them stay accountable. And the results didn’t disappoint. Here are some of the transformations challengers reported achieving in a few short weeks!

Greater Purpose



One strategy we teach in the challenge is a low-tech whiteboard system for increasing profits. Primary benefits of the system include increased accountability and real-time production snapshots. But one doctor reported an even greater transformation than those in her practice.

In her words, one team member said, “She loves the whiteboard because it gives her so much more purpose in her work!” Team members who find purpose in their work are unstoppable. Imagine a team member self-reporting finding greater purpose in her work in a matter of weeks!

Better Teamwork

The most productive practices work together using simple strategies to achieve clear goals. With those pieces in place, team members all take ownership of the results. They work harder knowing their efforts are going toward a common goal. That’s what challengers experienced, too. As one doctor put it, “It’s so exciting to see us beating our numbers.”

Higher Profits (and in Less Time)



Imagine increasing profits while working less in just a few weeks. That’s not only possible but an actual result reported in the group.

Here’s how one doctor put her experience:

Yay, two weeks of tracking and we are going to hit higher numbers than ever in our practice this July 🌟🌟🌟🌟 being open 2 1/2 years and one of my assistants is off for almost two weeks of vacation 🤭🤭

Forgot to mention, we went from 5 days to 4 days🥇🥇🥇

How’s that for transformation?! Higher numbers than ever! With one assistant off for two weeks. And dropping from five days a week to only four!

Transform to a results-oriented practice culture.

Many doctors are perfectionists. That’s a good quality when treating patients but not when applied to practice growth. It does nothing but hold you back and cause you to procrastinate. You will never produce results if you don’t move forward.

Procrastination is the thief of success. And the cure for procrastination is having deadlines, support, proven systems, and accountability. One doctor shared that she loved how the systems, accountability, and speed of the challenge forced her into action. It shifted her thinking from perfection to results. And that spread throughout her practice.

Develop a proactive approach.



Many practices look at their numbers once a month, and only after financial statements are finalized by their bookkeeper. The problem with that is it’s a very passive, after-the-fact approach. They don’t learn of a problem until weeks later, at best. And it can be weeks more until the next set of numbers will let them know if their adjustments worked.

The simple, real-time systems in the challenge help you shift from a slow, reactive approach to a fast, proactive one. Members set their goals and got their team to buy into the process in a matter of minutes. And they had real-time numbers at their fingertips, 24/7. Here’s what one doctor had to say about how they shifted to a proactive approach in less than two weeks:

With the way our whiteboard is set up, we can be proactive rather than reactive, and see which procedures are falling behind, etc. It also holds everyone accountable to update goals, from administrative to clinical team members.

If your practice is too reactive, you will never achieve your full potential.

Build an engaged social media following.

Social media engagement is one of the most powerful things you can have for your marketing. It can help you fill last-minute cancellations. It can help reduce your marketing costs, sometimes to zero. It is powerful for potential patients to see comments, shares, and likes on your social posts when they visit your social media sites. And it allows you to develop more effective targeting audiences for future ads.


In minutes a day, challengers grew their audience and had posts viewed, shared, and engaged with thousands of times. For example, on one post, a member reached more than 3,700 people, 263 of whom engaged with the post, including 38 shares! Another member had one post with 86 comments and shares, another with more than 125 comments and shares, and another with 196 comments and 210 shares!

With the right strategies and support, you can build an engaged social media following fast!



Are you ready to transform your dental practice?

Are you ready to transform your practice? If so, sign up for the next Marketing and Practice Growth Challenge!

I can’t wait to help you Deliver WOW and make meaningful changes in y

our practice—in just a few short weeks!

How to Integrate Membership Plans Into Your Practice with Dr. Drew Byrnes

How to Integrate Membership Plans Into Your Practice with Dr. Drew Byrnes


I’m so excited to have Dr. Drew Byrnes from Dental Membership Direct on the podcast to discuss how to integrate membership plans and creatfinancing in your practice. 

Dr. Drew Byrnes is a fee for service dentist and the host of the Fee for Service Dentist Podcast. He interviews everyone from industry leaders to bread and butter dentists to find out what is working for them. Drew also determines how we can all strive to perform better dentistry for our patients every day. He has made it his mission to help dentists grow the FFS side of their practices.  

While dental experts say that fee for service dentistry is dead and that the golden age of dentistry is over, Drew is on a mission to prove them wrong. He is determined to stay out of network with dental insurances for his entire career.  

In an attempt to unite those who share his vision, Drew pulls back the veil on dental insurance companies. He aims to level the playing field by sharing tricks that we can all implement into our own practices.  


How to Integrate Membership Plans Into Your Practice with Dr. Drew Byrnes

On the podcast we discussed: 

  • Why Drew is so passionate about helping dentists create an automated dental membership plan 
  • The problem with modern dental insurance companies and their common loopholes 
  • The benefits of filling chairs with cash-based patients 
  • Whether you should outsource dental membership plans or manage them in-house 
  • How membership plans can help increase patient retention rates 
  • What you can get from the membership plan offered by Dental Membership Direct 
  • How Dental Financing Direct works and how it can benefit your practice


How to Integrate Membership Plans Into Your Practice with Dr. Drew Byrnes


If you want to find out more about Dental Membership Direct and its software, you can schedule a call with the team here. 

You can also lean how to automate your practice growth with a dental financing plan from Dental Financing Direct by visiting the website and scheduling a call. 

If you’re new to membership plans and want to learn how to use your plan to grow your practice, increase patient retention and profits, the Membership Master Course is for you.  

To listen to Dr. Drew Byrnes’ podcast, The FFS Dentist Podcastclick here. 


To watch a short trailer of the podcast, hit play on the video below:

Growing Your Brand with Dr. Jessica Emery of Dental Soiree

Growing Your Brand with Dr. Jessica Emery of Dental Soiree


I’m thrilled to introduce you to my special guest on this episode of the podcast, Dr. Jessica Emery. Dr. Emery is the founder of Sugar Fix Dental and Dental Soiree  and is a Chicago cosmetic dentist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

Dr. Jessica Emery grew up just outside of Boston, in Worcester, MA. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. She opened Sugar Fix Dental Loft here in Chicago, completely from scratch and built the practice of her dreams. At Sugar Fix, Dr. Emery has created a spa-like atmosphere treating her patients to white-glove service that she has become known for. She is also the creator behind ALL of Sugar Fix Dental Lofts social media and marketing. 

In the fall of 2016, Dr. Emery founded; Dental Soiree. Dental Soiree has been a dream come true and holds unlimited potential for the future of dental marketing. Additionally, Dr. Emery recently launched Soiree Stock a membership program that gives dental professionals access to unique styled stock photography. 


Growing Your Brand with Dr. Jessica Emery of Dental Soiree

On the podcast we discussed… 

  • The power of creative photography in dental marketing 
  • How to be more creative with your images  
  • Why your photography should tell a story about your practice from the patient’s perspective
  • Tips for incorporating props and using stock photography 
  • How you can sign-up for the “GET SOCIAL” Workshop 


Growing Your Brand with Dr. Jessica Emery of Dental Soiree


Are you ready to put Instagram and Facebook to work for your dental practice? 

Learn more about the GET SOCIAL Workshop from June 1st to 2nd in Chicago and reserve your spot here.

You can also find out more about both Sugar Fix Dental and Dental Soiree by visiting their websites. 

To learn more about the Influencer Package or Soiree Stock go here.

If you’d like to connect with Dr. Jessica Emery of Dental Soiree personally, you can contact her via Facebook or follow her on Instagram @thedentaldiaries or @surgarfixdentalloft


For a sneak peek into the podcast episode watch this short trailer video where Dr. Jessica Emery explains how to use photography to grow your practice:

How to Grow your Practice with Google Traffic with Brett Allen

How To Grow Your Practice With Google Traffic with Brett Allen

Would you like to learn how you can get more traffic from Google and grow your practice? If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, join me on this episode of the podcast for an insightful discussion with Brett Allen, the CEO and Co-Founder of Marketing 32.

Marketing 32 is a Google Marketing Agency for Dentists and Dental Specialists. The team at Marketing 32 are also the creators of “Google Made Easy for Dentists” which is a step-by-step program that is transforming the industry by helping dentist do their own SEO and Google Ads.

Brett and I have a very interesting talk about how dentists can leverage digital marketing to attract more patients and explode the growth of their practices. So, if you're struggling to fill up your appointment schedule or you just want to expand your practice and accelerate its growth, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for!


How To Grow Your Practice With Google Traffic with Brett Allen


On the podcast we discussed…

  • Why you should use multiple traffic sources to help grow your practice
  • How to leverage relationships and get people in your community to talk about you
  • Strategies for using Google Marketing to reach new potential patients
  • The difference between search-based marketing and display & retargeting marketing
  • How you can use funnels to educate and convert patients
  • Tips for choosing the best keywords for your ads


How To Grow Your Practice With Google Traffic with Brett Allen


If you want to learn more about Brett and Marketing 32, you can visit their website.

Brett and his team have also created a Google Ad training course for dentists, where you can learn how to leverage the power of Google Ads to help grow your practice. To find out more about this amazing course, go to marketing32.com/go

Here is a short video trailer of the podcast episode where Brett explains how to use Google Marketing to grow your practice.

Aftercare Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O’Donnell

After Care Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O'Donnell

I’m delighted to introduce Dr. Anne O’Donnell to the podcast and talk all about how dental practices can use aftercare chatbots to connect with patients and offer ‘Care beyond the Chair.’

Anne is a dentist based in Ireland and has been in practice for ‘more years than she cares to remember.’ She has had her own dental practices and sold a small corporate in 2018. She then became the groups Clinical Director. In 2013, she bought a failing practice and completely turned it around. It is now a multi-disciplinary general and specialist practice with a tenfold increase by 2018.

Anne is passionate about dentistry, her team, and her patients. She and her team have even developed a patient aftercare messaging service using Facebook Chatbots called “Care beyond the Chair.


After Care Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O'Donnell


On the podcast we discussed…

  • How ‘Care beyond the Chair’ works and how it helps make patients feel appreciated
  • Why chatbots have a higher open rate than email
  • Recommending dental hygiene products using chatbots
  • Tips for scheduling automated chatbot messages
  • How personalized messaging can help dental practices connect with their patients
  • How to get patients to opt-in to receive chatbot aftercare messages
  • The process of setting up ‘Care beyond the Chair’ in your practice


After Care Chat Bots with Dr. Anne O'Donnell


If you’d like to get in touch with Anne and find out more about how you can introduce her aftercare chatbot service in your practice, you can email her at dranneodonnell@gmail.com or reach out to conor@socialmediaelite.ie for more information.

Here is a short video trailer of the podcast episode where Anne explains how to use aftercare chatbots to connect with patients:


Integrating Live Chats into your Marketing with Scott Hansen

Integrating Live Chats into your Marketing with Scott Hansen - Blog Image

I’m thrilled to introduce to you all my special guest, Scott Hansen, for this week's podcast episode. Get ready for a mind-blowing discussion that teaches you how to integrate live chats into your dental practice marketing strategy. 

Scott Hansen is the founder and CEO of DentistChats, a leading professionally managed website chat service exclusively for dentists. Since 2016, the company has grown from just one to more than 100 employees and is recognized as one of the 100 fastest growing businesses in the country.  

After a short stint as a professional soloist, Scott began working with his family’s dental practice. As the Practice Director, he immediately started implementing innovative marketing and sales systems. Over four years (and while earning his MBA!) Scott earned the practice consecutive awards as one of the fastest growing businesses in the country.


Integrating Live Chats into your Marketing with Scott Hansen

On the podcast we discussed: 

  • Scott’s story – how he went from singing with an award-winning choir to working with his family’s dental practice and transforming it into one of the fastest growing businesses in the country 
  • The pros and cons of outsourcing live chat services for your practice 
  • The power of engaging people when and where they want to be engaged and how this can help your dental practice draw in new patients  
  • Using live chat to answer your patients most prevailing questions  
  • How a dental specific online chat feature can help you to build a personal connection with your patients 
  • Why you should avoid using robotic responses when communicating with potential patients online 
  • How dentists (and patients) use and interact with Scott’s website chat service, “DentistChats”  
  • The importance of showing your patients empathy to help make them feel more comfortable and understood
  • The benefits of having a live chat feature on your website or landing page 
  • How to set up your live chat feature to answer patients’ questions on specific topics  
  • Why you should custom tailor the patient experience online and how it can help to build relationships with patients and grow your practice 


Integrating Live Chats into your Marketing with Scott Hansen


Do you want to find out how you can capture patients before your competition? Take the DentistChats assessment to find out how you can offer great customer experience and generate more leads with live chat!

To watch a short video trailer for the episode, where Scott is discussing how to use live chat to drive more patients to your dental practice, hit play below:


How To Maximize the ROI of Your Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami

How To Maximize the ROI of Your Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami

I’m excited to welcome a close friend of mine, Charles Biami, onto the podcast to talk about how you can attract and convert high-value implant patients to your practice by combining Google Ads and Facebook.

Charles is the Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist of Driven Dental Marketing, a dental marketing agency that focuses on helping dentists attract and convert high value dental implant patients. Charles works with dentists to help them develop a digital marketing campaign that helps them stand out in their market and attract patients looking for high-value treatment such as dental implants, full mouth restoration and more.


How To Maximize the ROI of Your Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami

On the podcast we discussed:

  • Charles’ story about how he developed his digital marketing skills to the steps he took to launch Driven Dental Marketing
  • What makes digital marketing one of the best returns on investments for dental practices
  • An insight into the impactful results that dental practices have witnessed when working with Driven Dental Marketing
  • Why Google Ads is so powerful and effective
  • Why your practice should implement Google Ads into your online marketing strategy
  • How to laser-target your ideal audience using Google Ads
  • Using Google to target people who are actively searching for dental implants
  • The importance of designing an implant landing page that effectively convinces potential patients that your practice is right for them
  • How to optimize your landing pages
  • The benefits of virtual consultations and how it can help increase your conversions
  • The pros and cons of Facebook Advertising Vs. Google Ads
  • Why you should position yourself as an authority on multiple channels
  • How Google and Facebook can work together to help build authority and drive more patients to your practice
  • Using Facebook retargeting to extend your reach and encourage people to enter your sales funnel
  • Driving more traffic to your landing page URL using Facebook Live
  • Utilizing Google Display campaigns to retarget warmer leads
  • How to increase conversions and transform leads into paying clients


How To Maximize the ROI of Your Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami


If you’d like to find out more about how Driven Dental Implant Marketing can help you drive more high-value patients to your practice, you can book a FREE 15 minute strategy call with Charles by clicking here.

To watch a short video of the trailer where Charles is discussing how to attract high-value implant patients, hit play below:


Using Ground Marketing to Grow Your Dental Practice Fast

It’s no secret that I love Facebook marketing for dentists and using dental marketing funnels to grow your dental practice. That said, some of my favorite marketing strategies are local marketing strategies. So, when I hear about ways to make local networking even more effective, such as by using ground marketing strategies, I pay attention.

The term ground marketing essentially means building relationships with companies to earn business from their employees and customers. My friend Michael Arias, who coined the term, calls it a more sophisticated way of guerrilla marketing.

Strategic alliances and host beneficiary programs are two examples of ground marketing strategies, although Michael takes it to a whole new level with his teaching. If you’re a member of Dental Profit Academy, you might be familiar with Michael from the ground marketing training in there.

If not, here are four steps to start using ground marketing to start getting patients in bunches.

Identify Key Businesses


Using Ground Marketing to Grow Your Dental Practice Fast - Twitter 1


Any hotels, restaurants, gyms, banks, or apartment buildings in your neighborhood? Those are great targets because they not only tend to have many employees, they also have many customers. They’re prime targets for strategic alliances, host beneficiaries, or other ground marketing strategies.

Ask a Team Member to Contact One of the Businesses

Michael and I did a Facebook Live in my free Dental Marketing and Profits Facebook group when he was launching his Ground Marketing Course. He suggested having an outgoing team member lead your ground marketing initiatives. I totally agree. If you don’t have an outgoing team member currently, you could do things yourself for a while. You could get some part-time help, too. Once you know who will lead your efforts, have them reach out to businesses.

Michael shared the example of an apartment complex on our Facebook Live, so let’s use that for this post. After all, there are a lot of people who live and work in apartment complexes. Call the complex and ask for the building manager. Have your team member introduce themselves as calling from a local dentist from down the street. That’s often all you need to say to get the manager on the phone.

Ask the Manager About Employee and Customer Benefits


Using Ground Marketing to Grow Your Dental Practice Fast


When you get the manager on the phone, reintroduce yourself, and ask about benefits they provide to employees or customers. For example, many apartment complexes give new tenants move-in packs. Others hold tenant events, such as happy hours and holiday parties. Some do both.

Ask to Participate and Offer Incentives

When you learn about the benefits they offer, ask to participate, and offer additional benefits for employees or tenants. For example, if the apartment complex offers move-in packs but nothing else, you can ask to participate and offer the same benefit to employees. A simple “I’d love to participate by offering all tenants a free teeth whitening. In fact, if that’s something your employees might like, I’d be happy to drop off a sign-up sheet this week and offer it to anyone who signs up this week. I’ll swing by at the end of the week to pick it up so everyone has an opportunity to sign up.”

Let them know many businesses find that these offers make them look good by getting their customers or employees benefits that don’t cost the company anything.

When they say yes, bring a flyer and sign-up sheet explaining the offer. That gives you a chance to get in the door and collect emails. It also puts a deadline on the offer so you don’t have people asking to sign up after your ground marketing efforts have filled up your schedule!

Follow through on your offer for their tenants, and you’ll be well on your way to earning patients by the bunches. Free services for new patients can be effective ground marketing offers. Free toothbrushes and toothpaste can be helpful in some situations, too, such as if you set up a table at a tenant-appreciation event.

Get Ready to Get Patients in Bunches


Using Ground Marketing to Grow Your Dental Practice Fast


Are you just opening your office and don’t have a lot of money for marketing? Are you expanding your practice and need to fill your schedule fast? Or are you struggling to get patients and want a low-tech solution to get started?


You can also connect with Michael Arias directly next time he opens the doors to his full Ground Marketing Course for Dentists if you’re ready to go all-in with ground marketing.

We have also helped hundreds of practices implement ground marketing to fill their schedules with new patients. How? With our 21-day Marketing & Practice Growth Challenge. Our next challenge begins soon — save your spot here. And use the code CHALLENGE at checkout to save 20%!